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2017 Web Trends That Changed The Internet


Keeping your website up-to-date and in-line with new web design trends is vital for many reasons. Your website design plays a variety of roles in attracting and maintaining audience retention. It needs to be eye-catching enough to initially draw visitors attention while supporting efficient navigation. Here are a few website trends we've seen in 2017 that changed the way we interact online.


Style Points


The style factors of current web designs are continually evolving. Just last year, one of the most popular style trends focused on confined, symmetric, and static composition. However, 2017 has brought a lot of social changes, which undoubtedly influence all facets of creativity. We have shifted from a structured design trend to a more free-flowing interactive one. This new direction, referred to as "open composition," includes loosely suspended, and asymmetric elements usually positioned to cut off-screen. (This psychological design trick draws in an observer's line of sight by enticing their brain to subconsciously "finish" the hidden part of the image.)


Calm To Chaos


One of the most noticeable trends in website design is the shift from minimalism to chaos. The web design community was highly receptive to this due to the increased amount of creative freedom. It has also brought to life an increased demand for decorative elements. A highly talented graphic designer can even use this artistic freedom to highlight certain parts of your website to guide visitors. Due to rapidly shifting website preferences, it is vital to revamp your site at least every other year to avoid appearing outdated.


The Use Of Video Content


For years video content has been available on websites. However, we made significant progress in their functional presentation. The most impressive of these is the addition of video headers, which are even available with a responsive design. The highlighted video is still an up-and-coming trend that has not yet peaked! In fact, If you are planning on redesigning your website, make video headers a focus or at least an option. (If you follow this recommendation, make sure you use high-quality, professionally shot footage.)


A website design's focus is an aesthetically pleasing display of digital content in an easily digestible format. Not to mention, a modern design demonstrates that your business makes cutting edge technologically a priority. Yet, these are only a few of the functions of your website's visual representation. To learn more about the website design options available or what's currently trending, feel free to contact us today!

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Discover How to Promote Your New or Redesigned Website


Ok, you have gone through the process of creating a great website. What do you do now? If the plan is to sit back and wait for the traffic to roll in, you may find yourself waiting for a very long time. Targeted traffic, that includes qualified leads, will not just appear, no matter how well-design the website or the quality of your content. Therefore, the next thing to do is build the pathways that will lead potential customers to your website. Today's article shares proven ways to promote your new or redesigned website.


How to Promote a New Website


Advanced Search Engine Optimization - If you paid for professional website design, there is a good chance that basic, technical SEO is already incorporated. Advanced SEO focuses on building a large and unique content library, manifesting authority signals, and encouraging inbound links from credible and related websites. Search algorithms use information from your site, but also off-site behavior and interactions to determine rank on results pages.


Guest Blogging - Creating a large content library, filled with useful and valuable information, will help with search engine marketing. However, guest blogging creates another pathway and exposes you to an audience that you may not necessarily reach through organic search. Posting articles on prominent websites, either industry or location specific, will attract new visitors to your website.


Search Ads - New websites, no matter how well designed, rarely rank high until they build a track record of being credible, popular, and authoritative. So, this will mean using pay-per-click ads in order to show on results pages. Selecting the right keywords or phrases will get you seen by the right audience.


Social Ads - Facebook, Twitter, and many other social platforms have their own native advertising platforms. They give you the power to narrowly target prospects based on almost everything including age group, interests, geographical location, and more. 


Email Marketing - Even if you have not engaged in email marketing in the past, most existing companies have some kind of email list, even if it is limited. Send out a one-time notice that you have launched a new website and encourage people to subscribe for access to contests, content, and special insider information.


Print - At the end of everything, you want your website to promote your business. You don't want to spend all your money and energy promoting it. That said, you do want to include your web address on all print advertising, billboards, flyers, brochures, handouts, and business cards. 



Do you have questions? What haven't we covered yet that is important to you? If you would talk about how to promote your new or redesigned website, or a related topic, please contact us.

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Cutting Edge Web Design Trends for 2017


Web design is sits precisely at the corner of good looks and proper function; these days, the trends are giving website layouts a much more artistic and vintage look while remaining clean and fully functional. Let's take a quick look at a few design trends in website design for 2017.


Use of Color and Form


If you take a look at sites such as Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace, you will find a trend that looks like old vintage photography mixed in with clean fonts and a flatness to the overall design. This is done to make one's site feel like it has stood the tests of time, and will last for a long time afterwards. This artsy trend is based on a hipster look of bringing the past to the present, often with aged floral looks, modern conceptual art, and a mix of both bold and muted tones. 


Menus and Navigation


Where it really gets artsy is in the use (or lack thereof) of menus. Presently, it is assumed that most people know how to use the internet well enough to not always need a menu right up front. Therefore, this opens up the design door to many brand new possibilities. The menu can be hidden, or up front, or even nonexistent! This allows for a fresh new look that focuses on the photography or artwork used to make the site eye catching. It all depends on what you want in your site! 



Cinematics and Animation


A third great option to draw the eye is to make the site's layout cinematic in appearance, and to incorporate animations and stills within the design. The key here is subtlety. The animation and cinematic influence need not be overbearing or showy; merely something to give the site layout a little pop to attract the eye. This can appear as slight movements to the side with text to make room for the image, or an animated loading screen that is more than a simple bar (perhaps a quirky cartoon character instead, for example). As for achieving a cinematic look, think of your site as a sort of cover for a movie or book, or perhaps the title screen for a movie. You want to draw the eye into the site? Make it tell a story!




Who doesn't love a good video game? What better way to catch people's attention than to make your site feel like fun game to play! In this particular trend, people are creating their menu screens, loading screens, and even pages to have the look and feel of a video game, be it 2D side scroller or classic Gameboy style bird's eye view pixel games. The goal of this trend is to be entertaining and engaging by having site goers click certain ways to open up new parts of the site. This is not a highly detailed way of doing things, as simplistic is still better. However, aesthetically speaking, this is a fantastic method of grabbing people's attention without appearing too pretentious or artsy. It adds an element of fun!


These are just a few of the winning website design trends for 2017. Perhaps a few of these gave you a good idea for your site? If you want to find out more trends or ways to build a fun and engaging website, please contact us today. We'd be happy to help you!

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Turn Clicks to Conversions with a Professional Website


In the world of internet marketing, it is easy to get wrapped up in the clicks. Catchy advertisements and carefully targeted audiences are keys to enticing a potential client to click on the link…. but then what? Having a potential client click on the link is half the battle, but convincing them to spend money with the business requires a professional website that steers them in the right direction.


Promoting Legitimacy


Anyone on the internet longer than ten minutes has undoubtedly been inconvenienced with a clearly fake pop-up promising free laptops or cash rewards for being the thousandth visitor. Unfortunately, the internet is ridden with these poor attempts to scam people out of money, and makes many people fearful to spend money online or take websites seriously. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can make a quick template-based website, and as a result are difficult for the potential consumer to trust and take seriously. Custom built professional websites offer a level of legitimacy difficult to find online, and create trust between the business and any potential consumer. After all, scaring away potential clients is a very poor business model.



Funneling Potential Customers


Once a potential client ends up on a website, they need to be introduced to the right information and then encouraged to commit to buying. Because every business sells unique products or services, a template-style website will not cater to the specific needs of the client. It is foolish to expect identically formatted websites will work perfectly for both a farmer selling honey and an economic advisor trying to land multimillion dollar company contracts, but this does not stop people from trying. Sadly, many promising entrepreneurs or even established businesses breaking into the online platform get discouraged by poor results when the issue was their website all along.


Always remember that a professional and custom website can turn a simple click into a valuable client, and is one of the most important aspects of any business. Contact REM Web Solutions to enter the world of internet commerce strides ahead of your competitors, and turn those clicks into conversions!

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Connect with People Online for SEO


Nowadays, it’s very easy to get found online if you put enough effort into it. Whether you have a small business or a large one, you can benefit by starting a website blog and social media pages. Making sure that these are well-designed and easy to navigate can help you to attract more traffic.


Your website, blog and social media pages are not the only ways to get found online. They will give your customers all the information they need about you. But at the same time, you can also connect with other people online to get found.


Working with Bloggers


There are number of bloggers who disseminate information on the internet. If you’re selling beauty products, for example, you can contact a blogger and ask them to review your products. It helps even more if the blogger is a local and has a following in your area.

It’s important for bloggers to come across as unbiased. So they may not sing your praises as much as you might like. However, keep in mind that even moderate praise from an unbiased blogger is better than a lot of praise from someone who has obviously been paid to give you a review. People trust bloggers whom they’re following in a way that they won’t trust random testimonials.



Working with Other Businesses


You can also be in touch with other businesses which are connected with yours. You can mention them on your website and they can mention you on theirs. So both parties benefit from the arrangement. You may not want to do this with your competitors, only with businesses that complement yours.


For example, if you sell bridal gowns, you can link to a place that does bridal bouquets or another place that does catering for weddings. And in return, they can mention you on their websites. This will enable people who are visiting other websites to eventually link to yours.


For any questions on connecting through SEO, reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

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The Benefits of a Content Management System for Your Business


Businesses require attention on many fronts, but creating and maintaining a website shouldn’t consume all your time and resources.  REM Web Solutions created our proprietary content management system, WebWiz@rd, so businesses like yours could easily maintain a professional web presence without needing an expensive, in-house IT department.


WebWiz@rd provides an enormous array of incredible benefits and tools to support your business. You will conveniently be able to provide administrative access to as many people as you want. Authorized users can log in at any time and make changes without needing to know code or technical jargon.


Your customers use your website to evaluate your business, so REM Web Solutions will work with you every step of the way to make sure your site is unique and effective.  WebWiz@rd contains easy-to-use modules that allow you to quickly and effectively manage newsletters, photo galleries, and more. We make it easy for you to portray your business exactly the way you want.



WebWiz@rd is built to make sure your website stays secure, as well. Over 30,000 websites get hacked every day because of poor coding practices and outdated technology. WebWiz@rd is always up-to-date, and it is built to protect your sensitive data and keep the bad guys out.


Millions of websites are built with Wordpress, but Wordpress requires various plugins from third-party developers. These plugins are often the culprits that give hackers an open door to come in, cripple websites, and steal sensitive data. You never have to worry about that with the WebWiz@rd content management system.


Our content management system is not only easy-to-use, flexible, and secure. It also comes with a dedicated support team that is available to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have at any time.


From the time you reach out to us, your business and your website are our number-one priority. We will meet with you several times to learn exactly what your business is about and what your goals are, and we’ll make sure your website meets every need you have. Then, we make sure you know everything you need to know to manage and maintain your website easily and effortlessly.


Contact us today to see how WebWiz@rd can help your business.

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Why a Good Website is your Best Money Spent on Marketing


Marketing dollars come and go. Some, however, can be more effective at getting wanted and needed returns for your brand than others. While a website is certainly a key tool for any organization looking to attract and maintain quality clients, having one that truly stands out is the unwritten ultimate goal. If you are not web design savvy, you may not be privy to the intricacies required in set up that can markedly distinguish one site from another. At REM Web Solutions we put you at ease throughout the process and help you move forward with confidence and control.


Some may think that DIY or template website design is a suitable solution for their business. However, these platforms are limited compared to ours and can leave your site seeming bland or simply ordinary in comparison. We use our own platform and place an extreme focus on how we treat our clients from first contact through the life of our relationship.   Our process may be a bit longer than others but it lays the groundwork for a much more satisfying and clearly unique web presence.



WebWiz@rd is our hyper powerful, easy to use, Content Management System. It allows you to update your personalized content for free from anywhere in the world 24-7.  Did you want to change the company profile at 2 am from your flat in Guelph... in your jammies? Done. How about putting up a new employee profile from your office in Kitchener at 8 pm? Go for it. Taking a break from a meeting in Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto, Tokyo? Open your laptop and start editing. We make it that easy for you.  All you have to do is let us.


Quaintly situated in the Tri-Cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, which is a mere stone's throw from  Guelph, Ontario, we are a team of leaders with extensive expertise in the creation and design of your company's most important touchstone and reference tool; your website. Let us take the guess-work out of creativity, layout, content, overall design and other key factors that can make your online presence pop via a truly engaging and memorable iteration. Contact us today to get started.

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The Characteristics of Powerful Content for your Website


Today, creating powerful content for your website is more important than ever. Worldwide, there are over 644 million websites, and more being born every day. Great content is how your website will stand out, break through the noise, and attract more customers. Additionally, both the quality and quantity of your website content is used by search engines to help determine domain authority, helping you rank higher on results pages.


In order to create powerful content for your website, it is essential to respect it as a creative work. According to SEO experts at Moz, "[the] content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position." Therefore, all great content shares several characteristics.


  • Page content must provide an authentic and obvious value to the reader.
  • The quality of the work should stand out and above the content of other sites.
  • The majority of your visitors should perceive the information as useful and unique.
  • When a searcher visits your site, they should not return to Google for a better result.



In order to achieve these goals, you will need to follow several steps.


Pick topics, not keywords - While keywords are still important, they don't have the weight they once did. Google is working to understand user's intent. As such, a more effective strategy is to focus on topics, context, and quality. 


Research your posts - Of course, you are going to write about things you know. Regardless, the point of doing research is to find out what is already available. This will help with finding inspiration and filling in the blanks missing from other articles.


Writing the post - Research shows that most online readers will skim before deciding to read. Accordingly, it is important to write content making use of bullet points, and subheadings for longer posts, roughly every 250-300 words. This will help focus a reader's attention.


Effective Distribution - There are many great blog posts that never get read. Make sure you have an effective distribution method that includes things like social media and email newsletters. The more you work to get your content in front of the eyes of users, the more engagement you will win.


For answers to your questions on SEO and more, reach out to us here at REM Web Solutions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What are UI / UX and Why Do They Matter?


After digitally marketing for a while, you've probably come across the terms UI and UX. These two concepts are important to your marketing strategy, but it's easy to get them confused.


Typically these acronyms have the word "design" tacked on to them. They stand for User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX).


What is User Interface Design (UI)?


UI has strong similarities to graphic design. Very simplistic job descriptions look no different from a graphic designer's responsibilities. But that would leave out much of what UI involves.

User Interface involves translating a brand's message and characteristics into a website, product, or any other place that involves an interaction between a customer and brand. UI emphasizes the visual aspects of the a brand, but behind the visuals lies extensive research and development.


What is User Experience Design (UX)?


UX is the more technical of the two. It holds more similarities to R&D (research and development) and project management. The concept behind UX is to design websites that always put the user first. In a word, UX ensures usability.


Like UI, UX addresses any and all interactions between a company and its customers. The goal of UX is to improve the quality of each interaction.





To sum it all up, both UI and UX improve navigation and user experience. UI does this by ensuring that the layout and appearance are visually appealing and easy to understand. UX covers the technical side by ensuring that the information is well-organized and easy to navigate.


If you only remember one thing about UX and UI, remember:


  • UI = easy on the eyes
  • UX = easy to use


To learn how to implement vital marketing practices like UI/UX, contact our experts at REM Web Solutions today.

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Thanksgiving Weekend

It's that time again, as the staff at REM prepare for another epic Thanksgiving weekend. We shall return on Tuesday October 10th with increased waist size and many leftovers from the festivities.


If you need to reach out to us over the weekend, send an email to Support and we will reach out to you on Tuesday to follow up!


Have a great weekend.

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