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You Should Be Using Internal Links – Here’s Why

What are internal links? Internal links are hyperlinks inside your website that lead to a page inside your website. External links are links that link to webpages outside of your website. Internal links are normally used to point to important information on your site, especially content that might be relevant to the visitor.

The Downside of Google Ads

Many businesses around the world advertise each and every day to a wide variety of audiences. With the advent of the Internet, advertising to a wider audience has never been easier. Not only can your ads reach a larger audience base around the world but in many cases, they can save you time and money. However, with businesses like Google stepping in and offering to help automate your ads, you may not be saving as much money as you thought.

Reasons Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

Your website is a critical part of your organization’s story, marketing efforts and digital presence in the big bad online world. You spend time and money creating an online experience that would attract and drive certain behaviors from your target audiences. But somehow your site has a high “bounce rate.” So, what exactly does that mean?