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Employee Experience Management: How to Make a Happy Work Environment

The heart and soul of every company is normally thought of as their customers because without customers you would not have sales. But what if it is not the customers, what if instead it was the employees. Without employees there would not be anyone to run the company or to help customers.

Employee Experience Versus Employee Privacy

Are your employees quiet-quitting? Do you suspect your staff of time-theft? If you’re scratching your head about what these terms mean, you’re not alone. The pandemic pushed us all into a new era of work habits and work-related terms, some of which are dubious and, probably, totally unnecessary.

How to Deal with Scammers: What to do and When

The number one thing every business owner fears, is getting scammed. Whether that be through email or call or by a trusted employee. In reality, thousands of businesses and people are scammed or defrauded every single day.