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With nearly 80 million websites out there powered by hundreds of different Content Management Systems (CMS), choosing the right CMS can seem like finding a needle in a haystack.  


You might be drawn to the bells and whistles and sleek designs of some systems, but remember, what glitters isn't always gold, especially if it doesn't meet your needs. 


Take WordPress, for example. It's the big fish in the pond, holding an impressive 44% of the global market share as of November 2022.


HubSpot and other platforms also offer compelling options, each with its unique appeal.


But while those major platforms often steal the spotlight, they’re not the only show in town.  


The right choice of CMS balances its features and cost with your business's unique online challenges and opportunities. This article aims to steer you clear of common traps and highlight the must-consider factors in your quest for the ideal CMS.  


At REM Web Solutions Inc., we thrive on helping our customers grow their businesses in tangible and impactful ways. If you need support with your digital marketing efforts or website design and development, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our skilled team is always here to support you in navigating the digital landscape!



What Exactly is a CMS? 

Think of a Content Management System as the behind-the-scenes wizard for your website. It's the tool that makes adding new articles, updating your product catalog, or refreshing your homepage content not just doable but downright easy.  


Instead of wrestling with code, a CMS makes the digital side of your operations smoother, so you can focus more on what matters — your content and your audience. 



Website Builder vs. CMS: What’s the Difference? 

When you first step into the world of websites, you'll likely come upon two main roads: the website builder path and the CMS route.  


Both avenues aim to demystify the web development journey, yet their itineraries differ. 

Imagine website builders as move-in-ready apartments. They're straightforward, offering everything you need to set up shop online quickly. With a variety of templates at your fingertips, launching a site can be as easy as pick, customize, and go.  


But just like a pre-furnished apartment, you'll have to work within the confines of what's already there. Your ability to rearrange or renovate is limited by the platform's offerings. 


CMS platforms are more like building your own place from the ground up. They lay down the groundwork, giving you the freedom to tailor every nook and cranny of your site with themes, plugins, and if you're up for it, custom coding. This open-ended approach is a beacon for those crafting more intricate websites or planning for future expansion.  


With a CMS, your website can evolve as your needs and ambitions grow. 



Is a CMS Right for You? 

Wondering if a CMS is the right pick for your digital playground? Let's break it down with a few quick questions to mull over: 


  • Is your website's content always on the move, needing regular updates? 

  • Are there a bunch of hands on deck, with multiple authors looking to contribute? 

  • Do you crave the freedom to shuffle, expand, and fine-tune your content's architecture as your project evolves? 


If you're silently shouting "Yes!" to any (or all) of these, then a CMS is the choice for you. It'll keep your website dynamic, collaborative, and adaptable, without diving into a coding rabbit hole every time you want to make a change. 


But there’s a catch: although a CMS will provide flexibility, it's worth noting that they can come with a steeper learning curve.  


Opting for a user-friendly CMS like WebWiz@rd gives you the power to manage your content effectively without getting bogged down in complexity. 



What to Consider in Choosing a Content Management System 

Picking the right Content Management System (CMS) is a big deal. It’s like laying down the groundwork for your digital home.  


Rushing to a decision based on a quick internet search won't cut it. To sift through the myriad of CMS options, you'll need to roll up your sleeves for some serious digging and hands-on trials.  


Although the "perfect" CMS is a myth, with each project demanding a tailored approach, there are a few non-negotiable features that you should keep on your radar: 


1. User-Friendliness 

This is non-negotiable. The best CMS should feel like a friendly guide through the world of web content management and not a gatekeeper.  


It should be intuitive enough for anyone to use, regardless of their tech skills. Forget about needing to call in favours from tech-savvy friends (although we do love hearing from you) or waiting days for simple updates.  


Systems like REM's WebWiz@rd show how it's done, putting the power of immediate content updates in your hands. 


2. Content Organization 

With tools for categorizing, tagging, and managing metadata, a great CMS turns a chaotic heap of content into a streamlined content library. The goal is to make sure your content is not just stored but also easy to find and navigate for both you and your visitors. A well-organized CMS is key to a user-friendly website. 


3. SEO Optimization 

If you don't show up in Google, you're virtually invisible. Any modern CMS should come equipped with SEO tools that help your content shine in the vast expanse of the internet. This means everything from image optimization to search-friendly URLs. 



CMS Pitfalls to Avoid 

Choosing a CMS is more art than science. It's not about how many boxes you can tick but finding a platform that resonates with your project's unique needs. It's about securing a foundation that offers the right mix of usability, organization, and visibility.  


The perfect CMS is out there, waiting for you.  


But finding it requires a strategic approach, valuing these key features to ensure your website thrives in the digital landscape. 


To help you choose a CMS, here are some red flags you need to watch out for: 


  • Overwhelming Complexity: Not all CMS platforms are cut from the same cloth. Some promise simplicity but deliver a labyrinth of features that feel more like a puzzle than a tool. This is why taking a CMS for a test drive is crucial. Play around with its features, build a test page, and see if it feels like a partner rather than a puzzle. This firsthand experience can reveal a lot about whether a CMS will be a breeze or a burden. 

  • The Price Tag Behind "Free": Freebies can be tempting, but in the world of CMS, they often come with strings attached. As your website gains traction or your storage needs grow, those free platforms might start to introduce fees. These hidden costs can sneak up on you, straining your budget unexpectedly. Looking for platforms that offer clear, upfront pricing can save you from future headaches. 

  • Support That's Hard to Come By: Imagine hitting a roadblock with your CMS—maybe a glitch or a how-to question—and having nowhere to turn. A CMS backed by strong support and detailed guides can be a lifeline. Before settling on a CMS, peek into its support ecosystem. Is there a hotline for urgent issues? Are there forums or documentation? How quickly do they respond to queries? The strength of support can make or break your CMS experience. 


It sounds cliche, but in essence, the quest for the perfect CMS is all about balance. Balance between ease of use and feature complexity, between cost and value, and between independence and support.  



Empowering Your Choice 

Choosing the right CMS means finding that sweet spot where ease of use meets the needs of your team and budget.  


The CMS you choose influences everything from how smoothly your site runs to how easily it can grow with your business.  


Yes, the options are vast, and yes, it’s a lot to think about. But finding the right fit is a game-changer. It makes your life easier, allowing you to focus on running your business, and not getting bogged down by backend hassles. 


At REM Web Solutions, we get how vital a CMS is to your website's success. That's why we've developed WebWiz@rd CMS. It's our answer to the call for a platform that's both user-friendly and powerful, designed to meet your specific needs without the constant need for tech support. Whether you're launching a brand-new site or taking an existing one to the next level, our team is on hand to make sure WebWiz@rd CMS fits your vision like a glove. 


Want to see how WebWiz@rd CMS can change the way you do business online? Reach out to us at REM Web Solutions. We’ll show you how WebWiz@rd can empower you to manage, create, and update content more efficiently, freeing you up to excel at what you do best. 




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