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This is a headshot of Colleen Legge.

Photo of Colleen Legge with a blackboard collage in the background


We’re super thrilled to welcome Colleen Legge to the REM Team as a Customer Success Manager! Get to know more about her in her own words below.



At Work

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Role at REM: Customer Success Manager


Work Experience: I have many years of customer service experience under my belt, being a Sales Associate and a Manager. I would say I wear many hats when it comes to assisting customers and my strongest skill is working with people.


Something That Makes Me Smile at Work: The thing that makes me smile at work is getting little thank you emails back from clients. Guaranteed. It makes me feel good knowing we're able to help our clients. So, when they take the time to send us that small acknowledgement back, it makes smile.


.... or when my co workers come by my desk to say hello. I'm a people person, what can I say. :)




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Web Site: I'm an artist, so I love supporting my favourite artists on whatever platform they're on. Tattoo artists, digital artists, potters, etc. if it's creative and interesting, I'm probably following. Twitter, ArtStation, Tumblr, Instagram. The whole gambit. 


Books: My favourite books are more so how to/informative art books. "Anatomy for Artists: Simplified Forms" by Michel Lauricella and others in this series are excellent break downs of the human form. 


Food: I am a simple lady, I love chicken strips, good French fries, and a Coke to drink. I'm also a sucker for a good green smoothie. 


TV Show: I would say trying to pick one or two favourite shows is pretty hard considering how much I've watched over the years. I generally like sci fi/fantasy or thriller/horror. I recently have been enjoying that new Netflix show Arcane, which has beautiful animation and a super unique art style! It’s stunning! Next on my watching schedule is Midnight Mass and The Wheel of Time!


Musical Artists: My musical taste is all over the place, from full cast recordings of musicals to Billie Holiday to Chet Faker. I usually don't get control of the AUX cable because of this lol


Time of Day: Evening. I'm a night owl. 100%


Season: I love Fall and Winter. All the bugs are gone, and I can layer up and actually be fashionable. Where in the summer I struggle to survive in the heat and humidity. 


Place in the World: my home


Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Currently my fiancée and I have taken up model/kit building as a good "no screens" hobby. Besides that, I also enjoy drawing/character design/story boarding and video games!


Sport: I don't really watch or play any sports, I used to enjoy rock climbing and volley ball. I will get VERY into sports during the Olympics and suddenly think I know everything about the sport and know more than the judges to pass my own judgments and scores on the athletes haha  


App: Unfortunately, TikTok has become a favourite pass time. All those catchy song trends and hilarious meme videos. 



Least Favourites

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Food: Shrimp... I don't like the look of them and I don't like the texture. Nope. That's a hard pass.


Activity: Folding and putting away laundry. 


Time of Day: Morning or when the sun just starts going down and you get blinded by the sun when you're driving anywhere.


Season: Summer. All the bugs, the heat, the humidity. Hate it all.


Place: Dentist. I think that's pretty self explanatory. 



More Info

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Best Thing Someone Said to You: You have to be kind to yourself, and treat yourself as you would treat your closest friend. The world will be unkind to you, you don't need to be unkind to yourself. 


Life Motto: Be kind. That's it. 


My Hero: I've never really had a hero? I have lots of artists I look up to as creative inspiration, but never a hero per say. 


One of the Things I Find Fascinating: The ocean and outer space. What exactly is going on above and below us? Interesting AND scary. 


Most People Don't Know This About Me: Most people don't know that I hadn't seen any of the Star Wars films until I was in my 20's.


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This is a headshot of Sean McParland.

Laptop with the warning icon on it


In the past few weeks, I’ve received several messages from people that consist of a screenshot of a text message or email followed by one word “Scam?”



Screenshot of an Amazon scam text message

Screenshot of an Amazon scam text message.


Invariably, they were all scams. So, I figured it might be a good idea to make a blog post with some tips on picking out whether something is a scam or not. These can apply to various types of scams like via text, email or phone call. 



Is there a time limit / sense of urgency?

One of the many tactics that scammers will use is to create a sense of urgency. When you are presented with a situation where you don’t have a lot of time to think, you usually don’t. The following examples demonstrate situations where this tactic can be used to manipulate you into doing something.



Scenario 1 – Do this thing or something bad will happen

You receive an email that says something along the lines of: “We have found suspicious activities on your amazon account, click this link to log into your account to verify your recent purchases.” That’s not good, what if someone has access to your account and is buying things with your credit card? Better log in to make sure nothing is awry. 


Scenario 2 – Do this and something good will happen

Conversely to the previous scenario, you receive an email that says you have won something (like a phone from the screenshot above) BUT you only have a few minutes to collect your prize. All you need to do is fill out the simple survey and then log into your account at the end to verify.  Free? Huh, well free is free, why not right?



What should you do?

You may have heard the advice “never click links in emails” but then what are you supposed to do instead? Whenever you receive emails related to logging in to any kind of account, you should always do so through a trusted link. Looking at the Amazon example above, what you should do is go directly to and follow the log in links there. This way you know you are actually logging into Amazon and not some Amazon look-a-like site that a scammer has setup. The same would apply to things like your bank, or any other account. 



Quick tips


  • The Golden Rule 

    You have probably heard this one before: “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. If there is one tip that you remember, make it this one. If you are presented with a situation when free stuff is dangled in front of you and it requires you to give someone something before you can get said free stuff, then it’s a scam. No, Bill Gates is not going to double the Bitcoin you send to him.

  • Ask Questions

    This is a great one for phone scams. Scammers hate when people ask them questions. The more you use critical thinking and question things, the quicker their scam logic falls apart. Ask why, ask things that only the real caller would know.  
    You can also modify this one for other situations as well, such as emails or text messages. The difference is you ask yourself instead of the person on the phone. Ask questions aloud, break down the situation before doing anything. Always take time to think, being rash and jumping through hoops for someone without thinking is usually a bad idea. 
  • Call Back

    This is another useful one for phone scams. This uses the same principle as the Amazon login from earlier. If you receive a call from someone you don’t know, like your bank, and they request information from you, just say you will call them right back. One of the biggest tools that phone scams have is that spoofing phone numbers is trivial. They can make it look like you are receiving a call from your bank or from the CRA/IRS. If you are the one who calls then you can be sure that you are connected to the right place.


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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

Illustration depicting startup business woman using a laptop


When I originally started this blog, I wanted to discuss the qualities that make up a great entrepreneur or even a little how-to guide which led to me into a rabbit hole of TED Talk videos from entrepreneurs themselves. They all started out with pros and cons of being entrepreneurs, long hours are required but you can take vacations whenever you want. You don’t have to work for someone else… you’re your own boss! The passion you have for your product/service will outweigh how much money you make, because it’s all about you making a difference – and that is what Entrepreneurship is all about right? Well in my opinion, not really.


I feel like these days everyone is an entrepreneur from small businesses to social media influencers, however I beg to ask the question… what is the definition of an entrepreneur? Do we really know what it actually means to be an entrepreneur or has this “job title” become a buzzword for many people carrying out creative ways to make money? This led me to look up the definition of an entrepreneur and according to Merriam-Webster the definition is:


One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.


This changes the way we identify entrepreneurs, doesn’t it? I have been extremely lucky over the years to meet many individuals who are entrepreneurs, I also have been very humbled to meet individuals who identified themselves as entrepreneurs, however based on the above definition they would fall under the category of self-starters – in my opinion of course. I have had the opportunity to work with many start-ups during my career path and without a doubt the entrepreneurs I’ve watched grow over the years have held the title with reverence.


As I mentioned the perks of entrepreneurship earlier on, I found most articles I read on the subject did not outline the requirements of an individual involved with being an entrepreneur. Some of you reading may be thinking about starting your own business and some of you likely already have. So, let’s break down the most important requirements of being a successful entrepreneur.



Being an entrepreneur is no joke. The amount of work and responsibility that falls on business owners require you to always be on point. When starting out your business not only do you need a great idea, you also need to ensure that people are going to buy into your product – you need to make a profit to be sustainable. So yes, you will find happiness in your success, but you do also need to make money, and typically in the early stages of your business making money is not something you’re going to do. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have the ability to maintain perspective on their business as whole and work extremely hard through the tough times, they understand the importance of the flexibility required to be a self-starter and continue to break through barriers against all odds.


Thinking Lean

A couple years ago I read a book called The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, and it really did change my outlook on entrepreneurship. Instead of me attempting to relay the movement in this blog I’m going to leave this video here for you to digest. I highly recommend the book and suggest you read it as well:




Once you’ve established yourself as an entrepreneur and your business model is now profitable, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is not spend all of your profits on your personal life. It’s tempting I know, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to continue to re-invest into your business. Look for areas to improve, whether it be product development, support materials, marketing efforts, etc. If you get into the habit of putting some of your profit back into your business, your return will be far greater in the long run.


Educating Yourself

Being an entrepreneur does not stop at “I know this thing and I’m just going to run with it forever.” It is crucial for businessmen/businesswomen to practice continuous learning. Whether it’s learning new management skills, industry trends in your field, attending workshops in areas that aren’t your strong points. To be a successful entrepreneur requires you to have overall knowledge, it requires you to always be informed, by improving your skill set you’ll accumulate better results for your business and prepare yourself to scale effectively and efficiently.


Taking Risks

This one is probably the most important of them all. It’s imperative that you take risks. Keep in mind that I’m referring to calculated risks. Make use of your network, have advisors and coaches in your pocket to help you evaluate risks before you jump into something – but at the end of the day, the greatest entrepreneurs take risks and come out smiling in the end!


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This is a headshot of Sanj Rajput.

Sanj's profile photo


We have a new team member and he’s pretty great! Sanj has joined our team and has already brought an abundant amount of knowledge, character and laughter to our REM family. We can’t wait for you to meet him too! In true REM fashion, Sanj has provided us some details about who he is and we thought we’d share!



At Work

Role at REM: Business Development & Digital Marketing.


Education: B.A. Sociology from the University of Waterloo. Several marketing, web design, and digital marketing certifications.


Work Experience: Built my first website from scratch in 1999. Worked for PriceWaterhouseCooopers in London, England as the team leader for the IT training department. Worked for RIM in Technical Support. Worked for TRUX Route Management Systems in Cambridge, ON as Technical support then transitioned to web design and marketing. Owner and Creative Director at Jelly Triangle for web design and digital marketing.


Something That Makes Me Smile at Work: I am weird in that I get as much joy from manipulating data and code as I do from drawing and designing. But my favourite part is working with clients. Each new business is a whole new opportunity with different challenges so it never gets boring. What makes me smile is watching a client’s face when we overcome those challenges, especially the ones they thought were insurmountable.




Web site: I spend a lot of time on as I play and DM, but I also have several Nerf modification sites I visit regularly. Also, I love to browse Etsy for painted Nerf guns for inspiration for my own designs and mods.


Books: All time favourite book is Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay, but I love Feist, Gemmell, and other fantasy writers as well.


Food: I love to cook and I love a lot of different kinds of food. My signature dish is egg-yolk ravioli in a burnt butter and sage sauce. My favorite foods to eat are Vietnamese (vermicelli bowls), Japanese (sushi), and then Mexican (fish tacos).


TV Show: I have watched a lot of TV over the years, for example I have watched the Friends seasons HUNDREDS of times over. But my favorite show of all time is still probably Parks & Recreation (I wish I was Ron Swanson).


Musical Artists: I was asked this recently and because I have such eclectic tastes, it was all over the place. Favourite bands: Metallica, Sun60 and Wilson Phillips. Favourite artists: Prince, Cher, and probably too many others. I currently am into listening to Tuvan Throat Singing, specifically a band called Yhat-Ke.


Time of Day: Morning. The earlier the better!


Season: Spring and Fall. Love watching the world change.


Places in the World: New Orleans, Chicago, Mexico.


Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Being ADHD, I have about 1100 hobbies…Drawing, Nerf, R/C Cars, Wood working, Zombie Survival Training and Prep, and so many more. But my favourite activity is spending time with my dog Pakora.


Sport: Ball hockey, Archery, MMA


App: Match 3 games (Puzzle Combat is my current addiction)



Least Favourite

Food: Lentils and Beans (the texture…ugh)

Activity: Singing or dancing in front of people


Time of Day: Late evening

Season: Summer (damn you mosquitoes!)

Place: Wedding Receptions (don’t care where they are held lol)



More Info

Best Thing Someone Said to You: Fear and Excitement have the exact same physical responses (increased heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline, etc.) the only difference is your attitude.


Life Motto: Make sure you can live with the decisions you make. Make those decisions with a good heart and good intentions.


My Hero: Steve Yzerman (Captain of the Detroit Red Wings for decades). He never changed teams, always put the team ahead of himself, never held out over money, and worked hard both on and off the ice to win multiple championships. One of the most respected players (especially by other players) to ever play the game. I hope someday the people in my life feel the same way about me.


One of the Things I Find Fascinating: I’m an empath and I am always fascinated by the number of negative emotions people carry around with them on any given day and how unaware they are that they are carrying that weight.


Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I like to work on bio control skills. For example, I never get a song stuck in my head because I know a hack to make it stop. I never get the hiccups because I can stop them at will. I’m only ticklish when I allow myself to be ticklish, otherwise tickling has no effect on me. I used to be a late-night person and trained myself to become an early riser.


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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

Children playing the piano


One of my favourite things about the month of March is the promotion of music education within our schools. I for one am all over this – I love music.


My grandparents immigrated to Canada in the early 70’s from Guyana and with them came their South American/Caribbean culture, a culture that was rich with music that made you want to stop everything you were doing and dance – soca, dancehall, reggae, calypso, and so much more.


When I started school, I naturally gravitated towards all music classes and learned a lot in the process. I was already playing piano for a year when I added the standard recorder to my repertoire of instruments and throughout the years added violin, cello and acoustic guitar.


In 1986 the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) proposed the month of March to be a celebration of music in schools and during this month I learned a lot about music from different decades. With the pandemic among us, and kids not in school I figured to celebrate this month, I’d provide you with some of my favourite artists, throughout the decades – feel free to pass them along to your kids!


Louis Armstrong


Benny Goodman and His Orchestra


Bing Crosby


Sam Cooke


The Beatles


Jackson 5


Guns N’ Roses


Mariah Carey


Destiny’s Child





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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

Exercise equipment in the background with a white box


I found it to be rather refreshing this year that I was not inundated with advertisements for gym memberships as we rang in the new year. 2021 surely started off differently and I assume resolutions look a lot different now as well. For me, this year is focused on my overall health. Not a numerical value in mind, just to feel good.


At the start of this journey, I invested in some weights, a treadmill, a yoga mat, exercise ball and a resistance band. I scoured YouTube to help build an at home routine that leaves me feeling energized. I’m not working out extensively like I would normally do at a gym, this time I’m moving in ways that make me feel better about myself, and this is empowering.


I think the best part about the 2021 resolution that I have made for myself is that I have created time each day to solely focus on feeling good, and the best part about this, is I’m in the comfort of my own home. I don’t need to go to a gym to feel like I’ve had a successful workout, I just needed the time for myself.


In addition to the time that I’ve carved out for myself, some of us at REM have Fitbit’s and make use of the weekly challenges. This keeps us motivated, and as a competitive bunch – it keeps us moving and laughing – the smack talk get’s quite entertaining at times.


I know we have all been stuck at home, some of us can get into ruts (I know I did) but making the most of it can be rewarding.


I’d love to know how you have been turning these series of unfortunate events into something great, please share your stories with us!


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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

Todd playing foosball in the office


Let me preface this blog with the fact that I cannot play foosball. It’s not that I don’t want to, or I don’t care to it’s simply just one of those games that I cannot succeed at. I’m a klutz by nature with absolutely no hand-eye coordination so playing the game of foosball just never fared well for me.


However, I do love how much joy it brings my teammates, I desperately miss the sounds and laughter of my colleagues over lunch challenging each other. Whether or not each individual chooses to play, it’s an important part of our culture at REM and gives us a little bit more than just a lunch hour break.


When asked why Foosball is such an important part of the REM culture our designer Christine had a lot to say:


“Foosball at REM builds comradery between coworkers and teaches us good sportsmanship, friendly competition and owning up to mistakes, while being silly and goofing around. It adds excitement in our office, we cheer loudly for our coworkers when we compete, which builds confidence in other areas of our lives, like our jobs. Foosball gives us an opportunity to laugh and witness aspects of each other’s personality we don’t normally see and is a great way to 'break the ice' and welcome a new team member into the group. It encourages us to create strategies and 'think outside the box,' thereby stimulating the innovative, problem solving parts of our brain.


"Besides the emotional and mental benefits, it’s also physically good for us and here’s why – Foosball encourages us to get up and move, even if it’s mostly our arms that are moving. We use quick, powerful motions with our arms and wrists during the game, which loosens our forearm muscles, helps circulation and relieves tension. It also increases our heart-rate, promoting good health. We’ve proven this by looking at our smart-watches with heartbeat monitors. One time, Sean S. was super dialed into the game and his heartbeat rose to more than 120 beats/minute (that’s in the fat burning zone!).”


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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

Home office with white walls and chair


With the continuous increase of COVID cases in the KW region, our small but mighty team transitioned back to fully working from home until further notice. The WFH lifestyle is definitely something that I’ve struggled with in the past and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to share some tips and tricks I’ve come up with over the past year to help keep myself on point.


Create a dedicated workspace

Whether it’s in your basement, a second bedroom turned office, or a closet turned into a desk - having a dedicated workspace makes all the difference in the world. It was incredibly important for me to create a space that allowed me to be productive with little distractions, a place that I could go to and remove myself from when needed. If you’d like to see what our workspaces look like check out our Battle Stations blog!



One of the things I struggled with at the start of working from home was breaking. I felt that when I was working from home, I needed to be accessible 24/7 and it caused me to burn out. It’s important to allow yourself to take breaks. This time around I have kept the same rest/work cycle as I would at the office, and it really has helped me. The only thing I miss is hearing the team playing foosball (we’ll get to this in another blog).


Get Dressed

I remember the days when I would say “I could totally just wear pajama’s all day and work.” Yes, I can but I really felt a dip in my mood and productivity when I didn’t get up in the morning, have my coffee and get “ready” for work. Rolling out of bed and turning the computer on did not work well for me. I have now reverted back to my routine and take the time to prepare myself for the day ahead.


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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

Home office setup with a glitchy effect


It’s been quite some time now that most of our team has been working from home, we miss each other and our awesome office. 


One of the most important things when working remotely is having a dedicated workspace to stay engaged and ready for action. A well-armed, personalized, organized, ergonomic home office makes all the difference when battling one’s foes, also known as daily tasks and routine. For most of us who are nerds and/or gamers, we wanted to show off our sweet setups, complete with multiple monitors, LED lights and peripheral equipment/devices. There are some perks to working at home for me – I get to snuggle with my dog on my breaks and make really good lunches!


We decided that it would be great to share what our at home “battle stations” look like and give you a few ideas for yours!



Sean S.'s home office setup

Sean Sanderson


Christine's home office setup

Christine Votruba


Sean L.'s home office setup

Sean Legge


Sean M.'s home office setup

Sean McParland


Ryan's home office setup

Ryan Covert


Rob's home office setup

Rob Matlow


Todd's home office setup

Todd Hannigan


Matt's home office setup

Matt Stern


Shauna's home office setup

Shauna Ramsaroop




For more tips on how to create a great workspace, check out this blog post: “A Streamlined Work Environment


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This is a headshot of Shauna Ramsaroop.

A row of matches burning in succession


As we all navigate unknown waters in the world we’re living in today, there are a significant number of factors that could potentially cause you to burnout and sometimes we don’t recognize we’re doing it to ourselves. Whether it be the result of working from home around the clock, changes in childcare or lack thereof, some of us are working multiple jobs. Right now, it’s easier than ever to run ourselves to the brink of a burnout – I thought I would share some time tips on how I blow it up!


  1. Hydrate – I know this seems like a no brainer, but instead of reaching for that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee, drink water. When I started back at REM, I was coming out of an extremely demanding job that I found I was pumping myself with far too much caffeine and not enough water. It wasn’t until one of our Sean’s and Rob said “Shauna – you need to drink more water”. They were right, something as simple as water helped reduced my headaches, gave me more energy and most importantly helped me focus on tasks at hand without suffering from caffeine dips throughout the day.
  2. Schedule “Me Time” – also known as breaks. Force yourself to get up and remove yourself from the screen time throughout the day. It’s exhausting constantly on your computer, on your phone, answering emails and phone calls, being in Zoom meetings. Be diligent in reviewing your schedule at the beginning of the day and scheduling in 5-15-minute breaks for yourself. Stand up, stretch, go for a quick walk, be conscious of how much time you’re actually spending in front of the screen and interrupt it. You’ll notice less headaches and you’ll see an increase in productivity.
  3. Breathe – I know this one may sound silly we all breathe. However, do you ever take 30 seconds to really dial in and focus on your breathing? It’s a great exercise and helps you connect your mind and body. Especially if you’re troubleshooting an issue or working on a problem take 30 seconds and pay attention to yourself breathe, take deep breaths in and out focus on your diaphragm and how it moves with each deep breath. It helps you re-centre your frame of mind and alleviate stress!
  4. Talk to your Manager/Boss – If you feel yourself burning out, odds are so is your direct report. Sit down and chat with them about it and I bet they are full of advice on how to manage your schedule, shine a light on tools that you probably forgot are available to you to help manage your time. At the end of the day, our managers want us to succeed – when we are performing at our best, business is good, and they are there to help.


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