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Marketing has been around for centuries since people began to sell and trades goods with one another. It is a way of getting the word out about what you are selling and for how much. As the times have changed so has the way we market. When the radio was invented people began to use radio ads. When the TV began appearing in every household, TV ads and commercials became a thing. And when the internet became mainstream in the 1990’s the invention of digital marketing came about.


Digital marketing is the new way to spread the word. Rather than having to flip through the pages of a newspaper, people can simply open Google or go on Facebook to find ads. It can be a great way to reach a wider audience and cut down on a lot of traditional marketing costs. Digital marketing is bringing us into the future of marketing as more and more is being added to the internet every day. Here is what digital marketing is and the role it plays.


Digital Marketing Explained

First and foremost, what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is just as it seems, marketing on a digital platform. This means rather than having print, radio, or TV ads you have virtual ads on the internet. This can be anything from a pop up on another website, a column on the side of a website, an ad at the top of a search page like Google, or an integrated ad on Facebook. As long as it is online, it is digital marketing.


Digital marketing isn’t just for young people who are chronically online, it is used by everyone. Since the pandemic, more and more people have shifted to using the internet more, which means they are online at least once a day if not more. People with smartphones are online even more than that.


Digital Marketing V.S. Traditional Marketing

Now you may be asking, but what is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing? The main difference is that digital marketing reaches a wider audience. Print, radio, and TV ads are all focused on a local audience. With digital marketing you aren’t restricted to certain areas that will support your radio station or newspaper. Digital marketing can reach everyone in the entire world, if they are interested in what you are selling.


The next big difference is the fact that most people no longer use traditional media anymore. very few people still buy the paper or read flyers, instead they get them online. Rather than watching cable with ads, people use streaming services like Netflix. And rather than listening to the radio people use Spotify. Digital marketing is now often the only marketing people see or look at.


Importance of Digital Marketing

Now that you know what digital marketing is, you may be asking, why do I need it? You may be thinking, I already have a website, why do I still need to advertise online? Well, it is very simple. Without advertising no one will find your company or website, or at least very few people will. Just because you have a website doesn't mean people will find it. Or even if you use traditional ads, digital ads as well can spread the word even more. Digital marketing is just as important today as traditional marketing was 50 years ago. Without marketing you have no sales.


Digital Marketing Channels

When you think of digital marketing channels your mind might go to Google ads, or Facebook pop ups. But there is so much more you can do in the world of digital advertising. These are the most common and useful digital marketing channels to help you get started.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest and best ways to market online. It is so popular as it allows you so many different marketing options in one easy package. You can use it to email your newsletter to subscribers. Reach out to people with ads for your company. Advertise to existing customers by sending out promotions. There are so many ways you can use emails to market to new and old customers. It is also very easy to use as most people have been using email since the 1980’s. It can be a great way to ease into digital marketing or a more cost-effective option for small businesses.


Social Media

Social media marketing has begun to become mainstream in the past decade. Now a days when you open Facebook or Instagram you can find ads disguised as posts hidden within your feed. Encouraging you to buy a product because someone you follow uses it. Social media has become such an important part of everyday life for people, so why not take the opportunity to use it for your gain.


These days Millennials and Gen Z live on social media. Checking it multiple times a day, posting regularly, and using it to find new products to buy and places to shop. So, it would only make sense to take advantage and begin using it to advertise. There is also way more than just Facebook and Instagram that you can use. It is all up to you though which platform you want to use.


Creating a social media page for your company is also a great way to advertise without having to pay for an ad. You simply make the account and post about your company. You can post product photos, promotions, or just what it’s like to hang out in the office. It is all up to you as long as post regularly.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is a great way to digitally market without having to create ads. SEO for those that do not know, is optimizing your website to appear within search engines, such as Google. This means when someone searches for a product or service you sell, your website will appear close to the top of the page. You can have good SEO by including and repeating keywords that you want the search engine to flag. This can be anything if it relates to your company or product.


For example, if you sell water bottles, you can include words and phrases like, “water”, “bottles”, “water bottles”, “easy to carry water bottles”, “hiking water bottles”, etc. Essentially anything you want the search engine to reroute back to your website.


This can be a cost-effective way to market online. It doesn’t require you to pay extra to a company to feature your ad on their page, design an ad, or monitor an ad. Instead, you simply include the keywords you wish the search engine to flag for each page.


Content Marketing

Content marketing can also be a great way to advertise right from your website. Content marketing includes blogs, newsletters, promotions, a products page, etc. It is essentially advertising through the content on your website. Including a promotional banner on your home page can be a great way to advertise an ongoing deal or new product. A products page allows you to show off what your company sells.


Blogs can be a great way to bring attention to stuff your company does, specializes in, focuses on, features, or cares about. It can honestly be about anything if it relates to your company. It can also be a great way to drum up attention for an upcoming event or promotion. For example, if your company makes and sells chocolate, a blog about Easter or one published right before, can be a great way to get more people to buy before the Holiday.


Newsletters are very similar to blogs as they allow your customers to learn a little bit more about the company and its products. However, they can often be a better way to spread word about promotions. Having a subscription newsletter that gets emailed to people every month, is an easy way to get people to buy more during promotions or Holidays.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept; however, it is just now being done within the digital marketing world. Affiliate marketing is when you pay or get paid to advertise a company. It can also be done in exchange for other things, such as free products, mutual advertising, or company exposer. For example, if you are a bake shop, you could pay a florist to advertise for you during wedding season. They get business and then send the same business your way.


If you already partner with another company for products or services, you can also advertise for one another. If you use a company’s packaging, you can include a note or message like “packaged with X company”. It can be a great way to build relationships within the community, while also advertising for your company.



We hope this has been helpful in introducing you to the world of digital marketing. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, non-profit, local business, or professionals, digital marketing matters and should be used. For more website content or further information about advertising, check out the rest of our blog page.


If you are interested in beginning digital marketing for your company, we here at REM Web Solutions would be happy to help, give us a call, email, or come into the office today.


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