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You have decided that your company needs a new website, and you might be considering using an out-of-the-box website design template.  One that lets you drag elements around the page and insert text here and there.  Before going this route, though, take a look at why a custom designed website is a better option.


Your Business is Unique


Your company is like no other.  Your website should not be either.  It should be just as unique as the products and services you offer.  If you use a website template used by hundreds of other brands, then your website will look like everyone else's.  Instead of being one of a kind, it will blend into the crowd.


We can solve this problem.  By building a website tailored specifically to your company, your site will stand out and retain its individuality.


Just the Features You Need 


Design templates are often loaded down with bulky, unnecessary features.  These can complicate your website's underlying structure, interfere with manipulating design elements and cause slow loading times.   


REM Web Solutions prevents these problems by designing lightning fast sites with just the right features necessary to create the perfect user experience. 


Making Changes


You need a website that can change as your business grows.  You will want to add new products, new services, pictures, videos and more.  Yet generic design templates are notoriously difficult to change.  Once you have chosen a design template, you are essentially stuck with it. 


This is not the case with custom websites. Custom sites are designed to grow and change right along with your business.


Expert Coding


It takes expert skill to code a website so that it responds to users' actions as expected. Off-the-shelf design templates often come with sloppy coding that can lead to performance issues and security vulnerabilities down the road. On the other hand, a professionally coded website from REM Web Solutions ensures that your website will function as intended every time.


While it is tempting to use a generic website design template, doing so makes your business look like every other and can cause unforeseen problems.  Consider a custom web design instead.  Contact us for more information.  Our team is standing by and looks forward to working with you.

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