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Turn Clicks to Conversions with a Professional Website


In the world of internet marketing, it is easy to get wrapped up in the clicks. Catchy advertisements and carefully targeted audiences are keys to enticing a potential client to click on the link…. but then what? Having a potential client click on the link is half the battle, but convincing them to spend money with the business requires a professional website that steers them in the right direction.


Promoting Legitimacy


Anyone on the internet longer than ten minutes has undoubtedly been inconvenienced with a clearly fake pop-up promising free laptops or cash rewards for being the thousandth visitor. Unfortunately, the internet is ridden with these poor attempts to scam people out of money, and makes many people fearful to spend money online or take websites seriously. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can make a quick template-based website, and as a result are difficult for the potential consumer to trust and take seriously. Custom built professional websites offer a level of legitimacy difficult to find online, and create trust between the business and any potential consumer. After all, scaring away potential clients is a very poor business model.



Funneling Potential Customers


Once a potential client ends up on a website, they need to be introduced to the right information and then encouraged to commit to buying. Because every business sells unique products or services, a template-style website will not cater to the specific needs of the client. It is foolish to expect identically formatted websites will work perfectly for both a farmer selling honey and an economic advisor trying to land multimillion dollar company contracts, but this does not stop people from trying. Sadly, many promising entrepreneurs or even established businesses breaking into the online platform get discouraged by poor results when the issue was their website all along.


Always remember that a professional and custom website can turn a simple click into a valuable client, and is one of the most important aspects of any business. Contact REM Web Solutions to enter the world of internet commerce strides ahead of your competitors, and turn those clicks into conversions!

Brad Anderson at 9:34 AM
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