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If you saw an email address of, would you assume it was a personal email address or a business email address?  What if you saw an email address of,, or  Would your assumption be the same? 


When I see email addresses such as these, I automatically think that it is coming from a personal account – not a business.  I’m sure many other people would come to this conclusion as well and that is why I’m going to talk about the importance of using a business email address for your business related emails.


The vast majority of business email accounts have the same domain as their website.  This domain is often their company name or very close to it anyway.  For example REM Web Solutions has a website of and our email accounts follow suit.  The support email account is  We also have sales@, careers@, marketing@, all ending in the same domain; 


Having your emails set up this way, has a number of advantages.


It looks and sounds professional: 

When you email a client, hand out business cards or verbally tell a customer your email address, it sounds far more professional to say, , than  It might be hard for some people to take a company seriously if they don’t have an appropriate email addresses. 


Non business email accounts are difficult to identify: 

If someone within a company was using an email address of, the person receiving that email may have to do some research to find out what company “Jillian” works for; especially if there is no signature or company logo at the end of that email.  That can be frustrating for the recipient and that isn’t what you want when you are trying to build a business relationship.


It reiterates your company name:

It is yet another way for people to read and therefore think about your company.


It can make your company looked more (or less) established: 

If I received an email from and “Jillian” worked with an accounting firm, it might make me question how established and/or reliable “Jillian” is.  If this is her company email address, is she working from her house?  If so, how secure is my information?


The opposite could be true for a small, home based company, that has an email address tied to their website and business name.  At first glance, the company looks more established and better structured.


It can keep your company better organized: 

By having a variety of different email accounts for particular areas of your company, it can really help you keep organized.  If a busy company had every incoming email going to, “Bobby12” would have to spend a good deal of his day qualifying and sorting emails and then forwarding them on to the right people.  By having specific email addresses for specific areas of the company, it saves time and money.  For example, all orders could go directly to sales@, all general inquiries could go to info@, all resumes and employment related emails could go to careers@, and the list goes on.

You would be hard pressed to find a company that did not communicate, with their clients and/or within their office, through email.  Email correspondence is not going to be “a thing of the past” anytime soon, so invest the little time and the little money that is needed to set up suitable email accounts for your company.

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