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In the role of support, I have been required to access WebWiz@rd for many of our clients in order to help them whenever they have questions.  While in WebWiz@rd, I have noticed that many of our clients would benefit from a better naming system in regards to their images and documents. 

Many of the images that I see are given file names such as: 1126-85, IMG13, Event1of24, staff.
Many of the documents that I see are given file names such as: chart, brochure1, brochure3, online form.

All of these names are extremely vague and confusing.  Anyone looking to use these files would most likely ask the same types of questions:


     “Which Event?”                                      "Is this form current?"

                                                                       “Is that the form for our customers or for our distributers?”


                        “When was this photo taken?”

                                       "Is this the one?"                                                                         "What is this?"


      “Chart for what?”

                                                    “Brochure?  We’ve had 8 brochures this year alone.  Which one is it?”



Above is a great visual example of the questions that might be asked.


Instead, consider naming your files this way instead:

  • Entire Office - Exterior – Aerial View
  • Our Company Logo – transparent backing
  • Jeff’s Profile Image – 2012
  • Energy Consumption Pie Chart – 2012 first quarter
  • Christmas Brochure 2011
  • Customer On Line Form 2011-2012

By including a date (or at least a year) in the naming of your files, you will be able to add your website content with confidence knowing that you have the most recent documents, forms and images on line for your users to view.

Another advantage to well named files is that they allow multiple administrators to update content in WebWiz@rd with ease.

By properly naming your files in a consistent and accurate way, you will save time.  With properly named files you will know exactly which files to select for the right application.  It eliminates the frustration of having to re-do your work.


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