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Jamie's Module Thoughts - Secured Content Suite


Secured Content Suite

The secured content suite was one challenge I was excited to tackle, and it turned out to be extremely effective and popular with our customers.

It was particularly rewarding to devise a way to allow our users the ability to upload assets such as MS Word documents, and Adobe PDFs to a web facing system that would in fact keep those files safe from direct linking outside the walled garden.


A lot of people are intimidated by using standard FTP programs such as FileZilla because they aren't used to sharing and consuming files through tree structures and ominous looking connection settings. Our Secured Content Suite makes sharing files super easy - and oddly enough, we've had around long  before most people ever heard of dropBox!

My favourite thing about this module: I really like that it removes the need for third party tools to move files around the internet. It's like a drop box that is tied directly to a branded site.
Some customers that use this module: ABA Architects, Synergy Mouldworks
Industries that are well suited for this module: I think that anyone in the drafting industry could use this tool to share drawings with their clients and have those customers upload revisions or suggestions into one common area.
Associated module group: Secured Content Suite


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