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It is true that web design has evolved in tremendous ways over the past decade. With the rise of do-it yourself web template software programs, the need for proficiency in HTML is not as great as it used to be. However, if you are considering launching a website, you should not be so quick to skip over hiring a web designer to take on the project.


If you decide to create a website yourself using template software, you will probably find yourself being limited to unimaginative styles and formats that visitors have seen before. This creates a passive experience for visitors that does not really leave a lasting impression on them. Essentially, a website that isn't engaging is a website that will probably be only visited once and then forgotten about. If the purpose of your website is for your business, then you are setting yourself up for a huge missed opportunity.


The truth is that web designers aren't just experts in HTML, they are well versed in modern development language that has moved onto new formats that ensure a site is optimized for mobile and desktop viewing, all while ensuring that the experience is the same on each. If you are a creative person, web designers will be able to tap into that creativity and translate it into a fully functioning web site that goes beyond basic web templates. 


The other great aspect of having a web designer on board is that they will be there for support when issues occur. This is a much better situation than sending emails to a support inbox and waiting for generic responses that are supposed to troubleshoot your issue. A web designer's work is always personalized for you and will understand the mechanics and goals of your site better anyone else.


It is a good thing that web design has become easier for new-users to experiment with, but when it comes to your business you simply don't have the time to waste on experimenting. Only professional web designers are proven to get the job done in the way you need it. 

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