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There are a number of things you can consider before deciding if you want to build a website yourself or hiring someone professional.  Below are a few things to consider helping you decide.
  1. Budget – What is your budget?  If you are going to hire someone you will need to prepare a proper budget to properly accomplish what you are looking for.  However, if you try and build it yourself and you do not have the necessary expertise you should consider how much your time is worth.  
  2. What type of image are you trying to portray?  Keep in mind that your website is now one of the first places people will go to find out about you.  If you give them the wrong impression you may never hear from there again.  Consider what graphic design skills you have to accomplish an attractive, clean and functional design that will help you gain business not lose it.
  3. What tools do you have available? There are many tools on the market that you can use to develop your own website.  In fact all you really need is notepad if you understand HTML.  However you may want to consider tools like Dreamweaver.  It is full of great features.  This type of product will likely require you to take a course to actually make proper use of its features.
My next post will discuss some of the items that a professional should be able to offer you to get you a great looking well working website.
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