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Everyone is familiar with this type of menu.



Straight forward, predictable and traditional; some might say, a bit boring.


The wording within your website's menu doesn't have to be the same old, same old.  The menu, along with the rest of your website, should reflect your company's personality and style.


If your company is more relaxed, forward thinking and approachable, consider updating your menu to echo those traits!



This new wording is still self-explanatory and as a user you know where to go to find the information that you need.  (In my example the Home link has been completely removed.  It is quite common for company logos to be the link to the Home page.)


Some may think that this wording is too relaxed and that perhaps they couldn't take a company seriously after reading a menu such as this.


I disagree.  Provided your website content is accurate, thorough, well written and well displayed, your site will still convey professionalism.


Two Blonde Chicks has taken a slightly different slant to what I'm suggesting.  Although their menu is still relatively traditional, the lighthearted images at the top of each of their pages, oozes creativity and fun.  After reading their content and seeing their portfolio you can tell that they are qualified and professional.


I can admit that not all industries are suited for this approach; industries such as insurance, accounting, medicine and law.  A lighthearted menu on a criminal law website would be inappropriate and insensitive.


However, if you are in an industry that can break tradition and your company is fresh, friendly and a bit quirky, why not try being a bit more creative with your website's menu?


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