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We're celebrating our first official year of [email protected] 3 here at REM and I thought it would be a great time to share some of my experience and thoughts related to it.



  • This was technically before the official year started.  Our first year is AFTER the beta phase. :)
  • The alpha stage was scary and exciting for me.  Although I've had 10 years of experience building large scale projects, it's always nerve wracking to set a new one loose.
  • We started with our own corporate website to gauge the stability of our migration scripts, our deployment scripts, the back end infrastructure and the front end rendering components.
  • There were a lot of hidden "gotchas" as is always the case and the entire team pulled together to figure out strategies to deal with them.
  • Most of the alpha time was spent deploying / erasing / deploying / erasing.  It's more fun than it sounds, but more work than it would imply.
  • We hammered out our official "Launch Modules" during this process and many of our late nights were punctuated with heated discussions about features and deadlines.
  • We orchestrated our roll out plans and grouped our customers into groups - from easiest to migrate to hardest to migrate.  (Spoiler: We've migrated almost a third of our customers at this point, so that takes care of *most* of the easy ones.)
  • I personally consumed untold litres of coffee.
  • Icons!  We needed more Icons!
  • We eventually settled on a version of code that was stable and feature packed and deployable and workable.  
  • We deployed one more time - with our REM website - and this time - we didn't erase it.  We had officially started the beta phase - January 6, 2012.


Stay tuned for the exciting beta phase memoirs in my next post.


Photo Courtesy: Petr Kratochvil

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