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We're thrilled and filled with joy to introduce Alina Litvinenko as the newest addition to the REM Team in the role of Web Developer! Learn more about her in the staff bio below.



At Work


Role at REM: Web Developer


Education: Master's Degree in Finance


Something That Makes Me Smile at Work: Fixing a bug. It's like finding the last piece of the puzzle - pure satisfaction.


....And jokes from my coworkers. They all have an excellent sense of humor.





Web site:  Easy! All the ones I've crafted.


Movie: I'm not a film lover. I'll watch a movie only if I know it's 100% good with an exciting plot and actions from the first minutes of watching.


Food:  Chocolate, cakes, cookies, candies and... meat. A day without sweets is a day wasted.


TV Show: Friends. I've watched it hundreads of times in three different languages.


Musical Artists: Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift.


Time of Day: 11pm, when kids finally fell asleep, and the house is quiet, and I can hear myself think.


Season: Summer without any doubts. I wish it would last forever in Canada.


Places in the World: Home sweet home.


Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Travelling no matter where, it can be just a small town near me or another continent. I dream of a journey around the world.


Sport: Unfortunately, I'm not sporty, but I'm the mom of a soccer player. So soccer is my favourite sport.


App: Instagram. I like watching funny reels that relate to my life and laughing at them.



Least Favourite


Food: Onion. I hate the aftertaste.


Activity: Cleaning, and shopping with kids. It's like debugging real-life chaos, and I'd rather deal with a thousand lines of code.


Time of Day: Early morning.


Season: Winter is the season I'd happily skip.


Place: Outside when it's cold and windy.



More Info


Best Thing Someone Said to You: I love you, mom!


Life Motto: I have two:

"It’s all for the best" "It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't"


My Hero: My dad and my husband.


One of the Things I Find Fascinating: Human brain and body.


Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I like heights and flying. I flew a hot air ballon at 6000 feet, I flew an aircraft, paraglided and had a flight in an air tube. Maybe in my previous life, I was a bird? My poor husband, he is afraid of heights but follows me everywhere. Now you understand why he is my hero….


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