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Issues With Your Email Program

Close Your Email Program and Restart

Close down the program that is running your email. Wait for a couple of minutes and then start the program again.

Shut Down Your Computer and Restart

Completely shut down your computer. Wait for a couple of minutes and then restart the computer. Once restarted, open your email program again.

Check if Your Internet is Working Properly

Open a brand new internet browser. Go to a brand new website that you have never been to before. If the webpage comes up on your screen as you anticipate, your internet is working fine. If the webpage is delayed or you receive an error message, your internet could be temporarily slow or not working at all.

Try Using Someone Else's Computer Within Your Office

Ask to use a co-worker's computer and send a test email to yourself. This is a great way to narrow down if it is just your computer or if the problem is affecting others as well.

Call REM Web Solutions

If you have exhausted all of the above suggestions and are still having difficulty, please call us for help. We will do testing to better understand the issue and to confirm if the problem is being caused by our email server. If it is our email server, we will let you know what we are doing to fix the problem.

Call Your IT Department or IT Company

If after our testing we confirm that our email server is working properly, we will recommend that you contact your IT support for further assistance.

Use Webmail

If after our testing we confirm that our email server is working properly, we suggest that you use Webmail while your email issues are being addressed by an IT professional. Webmail will allow you to read, send and receive email messages. Read our "How to Access WebMail" page if you need help logging in.