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How to Change Your Email Password


Log into to Webmail


You can find your Webmail login screen by typing the following into the address bar of the browser of your choice:


Your screen should look something like this:

Screenshot of Webmail Login first page


Click Access The Webmail Interface Here to be brought to the following screen:

Screenshot of Webmail Login second page


Type your full email address and password and click Login 


Navigate to the Options Screen

Once logged in, click on the Options icon in the top menu

Screenshot snippet of Webmail Options icon


Update Your Password

From the Options screen, click on the Login link on the left side of the page

Screenshot snippet of Login options link

Your username should already be filled in.

Type your old password and your new password twice*


Click Save at the bottom of the screen


* We require your password to meet the below criteria:

  1. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long
  2. Passwords must have a combination of letters and numbers
  3. Passwords must contain upper/lowercase
  4. Passwords must contain a symbol
  5. Passwords cannot match mailbox or account name, or have the mailbox or account name contained in the password string
  6. Password cannot be password or cannot have the word password contained in the password string