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I hope you have made the best of your summer so far and have been enjoying the beautiful weather.

As you may be aware, Google has made a large push to have an extra layer of security added to every website on the Internet, regardless of the purpose of the website.  The notifications that your website is not secure are becoming more and more noticeable through all web browsers.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) adds an additional layer of protection for your data – and Google wants the world to have it installed on every website.

There are benefits to having your site more secure.  Google has said it will reward you as a factor in your search rankings by using an SSL certificate for your website. This will bring your website higher traffic and more visitors. It will also remove the current browser warnings that are popping up, removing concern from your users.

If you are interested and would like to move forward, REM can handle purchasing and installing the certificate for your website at a cost of $250/year.

Please let us know if you would like to proceed and we can take care of setting it up for you.




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