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REM Web Solutions is pleased to present you with the latest issue of WebWiz@rdry, our quarterly online newsletter. The purpose of WebWiz@rdry is to help our subscribers maximize the effectiveness of their website, thus providing them with expert advice and keeping them current on trends in the web world. WebWiz@rdry also includes a client profile, which we feel is a great way to introduce some of the fantastic clients that we work with to all of our subscribers.

Tips on How to Write Effective Web Content
To put it simply, quality content is the key to creating a successful website.  If your content isn't giving the right impression, visitors to your site won't be staying very long and certainly won't be buying your product or service any time soon.  The average consumer will give your website only 10 seconds to grab their attention, is your content worthy of convincing them to stick around?
After wracking our brains and conducting some online research, we've come up with 5 of the best content writing tips out there.

1. Keep it skim friendly
The most important thing to remember when writing your web content is this: consumers who visit your website don't read, they scan. Ensure that you are getting straight to the point. The use of subheadings and bullet points can also help readers to find what they are looking for quickly.

2. Don't try to sell
Especially on the Home page of your site, avoid any sales pitches. Doing so can come off pushy and tacky. Instead, build trust with your consumers; use unbiased language and focus on highlighting the quality of your business and what it offers.

3. Use Detail
While writing your website content it's important that you are communicating exactly why your business is special and clearly defining the uniqueness of your products, services and special offers. Be sure to use key words throughout your site that would possibly be used to find you in an online search, such as a Google search.

4. Keep it personal
Tone is an important element of content writing that is often overlooked. The tone of your website copy can vary depending on the nature of your business, but if it's appropriate, don't be afraid to share stories or make visitors laugh (starting a blog is a great way to accomplish this). Your website is the best place for consumers to get to know you, it shouldn't put them to sleep.

5. Proofread, proofread, proofread
It pretty much goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: spelling and grammatical errors never look professional. Always have someone proofread your website content before it's published.

We hope these tips will help. Happy content writing!

Thank you for your interest in WebWiz@rdry and REM Web Solutions.

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CLIENT PROFILE: IRONWealth Financial Ltd.

Click here to visit IRONWealth's Web site!IRONWealth Financial Ltd. is a boutique style Financial Services firm that specializes in the use of life insurance for estate planning purposes for executives, professionals, business owners and high net worth families and their advisors. Attention to detail, accuracy under pressure and conservative behaviour in complex situations are hallmarks of IRONWealth's current popularity with clients.

"Our dealings with REM Web Solutions have been smooth, uncomplicated, simplified and yet dealt with in a professional and sophisticated manner.  The initial design recommendations provided by REM were identical to our vision.  The training I personally received on the Web Wizard program has made it easy for me to implement changes and manage our website on a day-to-day basis.  The additional back-end user support and turnaround times have been incredible. I would recommend REM to anyone seeking to change providers or considering the implementation of a Website."

Don Andrews
IRONWealth Financial Ltd.
[email protected]


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REM Web Solutions and AtHeath are working together to do just that! The Problem with social media marketing is a lack of tangible outcomes. The Solution is to use an integrated funnel approach coupled with a highly optimized website. The key is a systematic process, which we designed specially to benefit clients of REM Web Solutions, like you!

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Is Updating Your Website Content a Hassle?
It doesn't have to be! If you are not updating your website content by yourself, on your own time, using only basic office computer skills, then you need WebWiz@rd.
REM Web Solutions WebWiz@rd technology allows small to medium-sized organizations to control their website content by themselves, without having to pay and consult with a Webmaster. You will also enjoy the benefits of a long-term relationship with experienced web-pros, who are only an email or phone call away when you need help. Contact us today to get WebWiz@rd working for you!

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