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REM Web Solutions is pleased to present you with the 21st issue of WebWiz@rdry, our quarterly online newsletter. The purpose of WebWiz@rdry is to help our subscribers maximize the effectiveness of their Web site, thus providing them with expert advice and keeping them current on trends in the Web world. WebWiz@rdry also includes a client profile, which we feel is a great way to introduce some of the fantastic clients that we work with to all of our subscribers.

In this issue, we would like to address the simple questions: what is a content management system? and why is it such an asset to your company?

A content management system, (or CMS) is an easy-to-use software program that gives the user access to the pages of their Web site in order to add or change web page content. You can add things like text, images, links, videos clips and more! You can also add extra pages to expand your Web site past the main navigation.

Having a CMS plugged in to your Web site allows for faster updates of your Web pages. No more waiting for a web developer to make the changes for you--which could take them a few days or even weeks!  

With a CMS, you do not need to have HTML programming language skills.  The HTML code runs "behind the scenes" so to speak-- you do not need to know how to "write code" to use a CMS.  Adding content to your Web pages is as easy as typing a Word document or an email.

And finally, a CMS will pay for itself very quickly and its ROI is well worth the initial cost.  If you added up all the costs of paying a Web developer to make changes to your site over one year, they would most likely add up to the cost of a CMS. Usually, the cost of a CMS is a one-time fee. Our CMS, WebWiz@rd, is an example of this. There are no additional fees for future license upgrades, etc. The only ongoing fee is Web hosting which you would pay for no matter what company hosts your Web site.  So, you now have a better understanding of what a CMS is and how cost effective they are for your business!

For more information on our CMS, WebWiz@rd, please contact [email protected].

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Click here to visit SPP Waterloo Region's Web site!

The Waterloo Region Social Purchasing Portal (SPP) is a network for socially-conscious businesses and organizations of all sizes that collaborate for the purpose of business growth and employment generation, resulting in a healthier and wealthier community. Their profile as a community-focused and socially responsible organization will increase at no added cost to their budget or changes in their time schedules, simply by signing on to the Portal as a Purchaser, Supplier or Employment Service Provider. Through the collaboration of these Purchasers, Suppliers and Employment Service Providers, the SPP strives to create sustainable employment in Waterloo Region.

"REM took the initiative to research our specific sector, our target market, and our organization's needs. They acknowledged our feedback and responded to communications in a swift, positive manner. Also, the practical training and online support provided was extraordinary. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and overall experience!"

Mike Berkeley
Marketing / Events Coordinator
Waterloo Region Social Purchasing Portal

Over the past couple months we have been working on a new look and one of the results is our new website. If you have some time, please take a look and let us know what you think! (

REM Web Solutions Video
Another new and exciting item to introduce is our REM Web Solutions video!
You can watch it here!  Feel free to pass the link along to a friend or colleague whom you think may be interested in our services!

It doesn't have to be! If you are not updating your website content by yourself, on your own time, using only basic office computer skills, then you need WebWiz@rd.

REM Web Solutions WebWiz@rd technology allows small to medium-sized organizations to control their website content by themselves, without having to pay and consult with a Webmaster. You will also enjoy the benefits of a long-term relationship with experienced web-pros, who are only an email or phone call away when you need help. Contact us today to get WebWiz@rd working for you!

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