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B2B Environmental Tech Case Study




Breaking down barriers to a sustainable future! This Environmental Tech Company is taking on the aerosol waste epidemic with their breakthrough recycling technology.


Discover how TrafficSoda helped them develop a global lead generation strategy that spreads their impact far and wide.





B2B Environmental Tech


Aerosol waste is an environmental crisis – and this Environmental Tech Company manufactures the world’s first and only industrial-scale solution.


With an eye on global expansion, this European manufacturer turned to TrafficSoda to develop an international lead generation strategy that would help get this breakthrough recycling technology into more factories and recycling plants worldwide.





The Challenge – Reaching Global Buyers on a Limited Budget


Before they came to TrafficSoda, this client had no marketing or sales tactics in place. Most of their previous customers were connected to the company’s founders.  


Since this client’s technology is strictly for industrial aerosol manufacturers and large-scale recycling plants, few potential buyers exist, and their needs are very specific. Every one of these customers requires extensive education, nurturing, and negotiation before a purchase decision can be made. 


As the company sought to expand, they needed to generate leads in this highly-niche market; however, their potential buyers were spread all over the world, and their marketing budget was limited. In order to maximize the value of our lead generation efforts, the client chose to focus only on obtaining qualified leads with a potential sales value of over $1 million. 


Thus, rather than generating a large quantity of leads, we targeted one specific type of lead: highly qualified and interested prospects that were prepared for a constructive discussion by the time they spoke to a member of the sales team.





Case study statistics: 10K Monthly Organic Visitors, 13 Qualified Leads Per Month, $80 Cost Per Lead.





What We Did – A Multi-Pronged Digital Marketing Approach


Because the client lacked an in-house marketing team, TrafficSoda essentially became the client’s entire marketing department – working to create a full lead generation campaign that included digital advertising, lead magnets, and a 10-touch email nurture program. Our team took care of everything, from research to ad account setup, copywriting, design, strategy, technical setup and execution.


Since the goal was solely to target the most qualified customers, our strategy combined both lead generation and lead nurturing in order to filter out unqualified prospects and prepare qualified prospects for a productive sales conversation. The nurture component of the strategy utilized an email drip campaign that combined sales messaging with product education.


Additionally, TrafficSoda continually updated its ad creative and landing pages to ensure that ‘tire kickers’ were not being targeted – developing precise messaging and imagery that brought the desired results.



Digital marketing approach infographic.



Full Lead Generation Program


  • Landing pages (variations for testing)
  • Ads (geolocation, search based, social, display)
  • Ongoing content development (newsletters, social media)
  • Webinar-based events


Lead Nurture Program


  • Automated email drip campaign
  • Educational materials about the product





Leaf micro-chip. "196% increase in website traffic"



Business Impact


  •  Over 5,000 website visitors per month 
    (up from < 50 visitors per month)
  • 3 leads per month each representing a potential > $1,000,000 sale 
  • Ad budget: $1,500
  • Cost per lead: $80




Business man shaking hands with woman. "13 qualified leads per month"


When we first started working with this client, they told us they only needed to close one deal in the first year to make their marketing worthwhile. Within six months, we had met and exceeded this goal.



Lightbulb graphic. "$80 cost per lead"


With such a small budget to advertise a multi-million-dollar product to such a small market worldwide, generating 13 leads at a cost per lead of $80 is beyond the client’s expectations. As a result, the client has increased its marketing investment and experienced an extremely promising growth trajectory.







Testimonials – What Our Clients Say




TrafficSoda has been amazing! Our online presence is better than ever, and they have helped us implement new strategies to improve how our website interacts with our prospective buyers. Incredibly smart and talented people throughout the whole organization!


- VP Marketing & Sales





Custom Digital Marketing Plans to Help Your Technology Business Grow


The thrill of seeing an $80 lead turn into a $3 million contract never gets old to us. It proves that you don’t need a multi-million-dollar budget to sell a multi-million-dollar product. 



We love helping you get the most out of your marketing investment – because when you win, we win! Get in touch and we’ll get to work doing the same for you.