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B2B Construction Case Study




When it comes to building fabric structures, this specialist B2B construction company is in a league of their own. See how TrafficSoda built a winning lead generation strategy that helped this company reach key stakeholders in athletics, academia, and more.





B2B Fabric Structures


This industry-leading B2B construction company builds temporary and permanent structures for many of the world’s top athletic organizations, including the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. 


The company engaged TrafficSoda to develop a scalable lead generation strategy that reaches key decision-makers in their competitive niche. 





The Challenge – Pitching a Niche Audience in a Crowded Playing Field


Like many B2B construction companies, this client’s target audience is small and difficult to reach ‒ in this case, consisting of post-secondary board members, sports leagues, niche developers, and municipal planners.


Additionally, the client faces a prolonged sales cycle and fierce competition from vendors known for underquoting customers.


Against this backdrop, TrafficSoda was tasked with developing a digital marketing strategy that would not only bring in the right kind of prospects (while filtering out ‘tire-kickers’ who are not prospective buyers), but also nurture these prospects as sales leads and insulate them from the influence of competitive ‘lowballing.’





Case study statistics: 10K Monthly Organic Visitors, 344 Leads Per Month, $13 Cost Per Lead.





What We Did – Develop a Winning Digital Marketing Playbook


TrafficSoda developed a multifaceted digital marketing strategy to first increase the client’s organic online presence to boost awareness, then leverage the awareness with paid search and social media advertising.  


A series of email drip campaigns was used to educate and nurture prospects on the client’s product’s advantages over competitors. Included in these campaigns were lead magnets designed to educate customers and expose underquoting competitors.  


TrafficSoda also helped the client develop a sophisticated, automated lead scoring system to help the client’s sales team prioritize its efforts.



Digital marketing playbook infographic.



Full Lead Generation Program


  • Vertical-specific landing pages
  • Ads (geo-targeted, search-based, social media, display) with ongoing vertical-specific targeting
  • Sophisticated email drip campaigns


Search Engine Optimization



Customer Journey Mapping


  • Cultivate a deep understanding of sales prospects 
  • Draw insights to develop content 
  • Build out specific buyer personas on which to base content and targeting 





Person pointing with compass on plans. "344 Leads Per Month"



Business Impact


  • 10,000 relevant website visitors per month
    (up from 430 visitors per month) 
  • Ranking #1, 2 or 3 for all major search terms 
  • Average total lead count per month: 344 
    (up from 19 leads prior to the start of the Lead Generation Program) 
  • Average cost per lead: $13.79 
    (down from $77.68 prior to the Lead Generation Program) 




Construction worker holding plans with building in background. "10K Monthly Organic Visitors"


Since partnering with TrafficSoda in 2016, this B2B construction client has gone from having virtually no online presence to dominating across both organic and paid advertising channels. Our lead generation program has secured them several multi-million-dollar contracts and generated extensive customer data from which they have been able to continuously refine their sales strategy.



Construction workers handshake with business man. "$13 cost per lead"


Many competitors have tried to replicate the client’s digital strategy. However, by the time competitors launch their offensive, our team has already adapted to the new market conditions – so our client stays on top while they’re stuck playing the Copycat League. 







Testimonials – What Our Clients Say




TrafficSoda has been amazing! Our online presence is better than ever, and they have helped us implement new strategies to improve how our website interacts with our prospective buyers. Incredibly smart and talented people throughout the whole organization!


- VP Marketing & Sales





Custom Digital Marketing Plans to Help Your Business Grow


As this client proves, no market is too niche for a well-executed lead generation campaign. With our help, this B2B construction client broke through to reach key decision makers while also lowering cost per lead and increasing qualified leads per month.  


Don’t give up if you’re having trouble breaking through to your B2B audience. As the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Ask our B2B digital marketing experts for a custom proposal today.