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During busy periods at work, sometimes it is hard to see where the work day ends and home life begins.


Although the busy times usually slow down enough so that you can catch your breath, things can be a bit crazy--hectic even, and you may leave the office feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and upset. 
Here are some tips I've adapted from a great article at to help balance yourself during these peak busy times at work.

Tips to Stay Balanced When Work Seems Like Too Much¹

1. Recognize When You've Had Enough for One Day
It's past quitting time. You're wondering where the day went and if you even accomplished anything. You're tired. Sticking around when you're tired is a mistake. Call it quits for the day and pick things up in the morning. Don't go home and sit down in front of your computer. Turn off your email. Use the time to re-charge.
Or, take a break. Get up from your desk and grab a snack. Stretch or take a quick walk. It will energize you for a little longer.
2. Manage Your Physical Well-Being
Productivity levels decrease when you are restless or tired.  Make it a priority to get a bit of exercise into your day. Something easy, like taking a walk on your lunch break, will get your blood flowing and improve your perspective.
As for sleeping-- checking your twitter, or facebook right before bed, or catching up on the latest episode might sound like a good idea, but it will rob you of much needed sleep. Before you know it, it's midnight and you have lost 2 hours of rest.
Wind down screen-free. Read a book, call a friend or family member, listen to some calming music or soothing sounds. Set a bedtime and stick to it. You’ll be better able to handle your work load on a good nights' sleep.
3. Ask for Help From Friends and Family
Tell friends and family, boyfriends/girlfriends that your work schedule is a bit busier. Let them know how long you think you’ll be loaded down, and ask them if they could help with errands or other committments while you are busy. Of course, make sure you return the favor when you can.
4. Keep in touch
Feeling detached from the rest of the world sometimes happens when all you're doing is eating, sleeping and working. Make sure you keep in contact with your close friends and family. Even if it is just a quick text message or email, let someone know you're ok.
Not only that, talking to someone, even briefly, will brighten your day. They’ll remind you that you won't be swamped forever, and things will calm down soon. 
5. Protect Your Re-Charging Time
It’s important during a busy period to re-charge, and not only that, but protect the free time that you do have.  That may mean saying no if someone asks you to do something that isn't particularly important to you, or it may mean turning your phone off to give yourself a break.
Fill your free time with the types of things that make you happy and help you re-charge. Say no to anything else.


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