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Coming back to work after a handful of days off is always a bit ... uninspiring.  I immediately want my lazy mornings back or the ability to spontaneously play a board game or watch a movie.  And just when I really get into a groove with a personal project, (redecorating my childhood dollhouse - I'll blog about that at a later date!), I have to call it quit's and resign to the fact that I will now only have about 30-60 minutes, a couple of times a week to put towards this extremely fun and rewarding project.


As I am writing this I am reminded that my daughter is at her friends house today and probably having a blast.  My husband is still on holidays and undoubtably enjoying a round or two or twelve, of his favourite video game.  And my dog and cat are most likely rejoicing in the extra attention that they are receiving from their "daddy" today.  


But even with all of my belly-aching, coming back to my job honesty isn't all that bad.  The last week of December is typically less busy for me.  I receive less phone calls and fewer emails.  I enjoy this quiet time since it allows me to push through some of my responsibilities that are relatively time consuming, and require a great deal of concentration.  Having a couple of uninterupted afternoons is very uncommon throughout the rest of the year, so having the ability to focus on this type of work is refreshing and highly productive! 


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