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Website Metrics & Statistics

This is a very useful module that I believe more of our customers should pay closer attention to.  Although it is not a module that would typically be accessed on a daily or even weekly basis, I do think that it should be accessed once a month.

By reviewing this module, you will have a greater understanding of how much disk space your website is using as well as how much bandwidth your site is utilizing.

If your disk space is over and you don't want to pay overage costs, look through your Page Content module.  Are there any unused pages that are just sitting there taking up unnecessary space?  What about your File Manager?  Are there any outdated images or documents that could be deleted?  Do you have newsletters saved in your Newsletters module which are a number of years old?  Do you need to keep them any longer?  By removing unused content and files from WebWiz@rd, you can minimize the amount of disk space that your website uses.

By viewing your bandwidth usage, in combination with data from a tool such as Google Analytics, you can have a stronger understanding of how much traffic is making it to you site.  If there are specific pages that are visited multiple times a day, look at those pages to ensure that the content is up to date and accurate.  If there are specific pages that seem to be ignored, what can you do to enhanced those pages in order to get people's attention?

Rather than looking at this module as just a bunch of numbers, use the information to help you better organize, and understand your website.

My favourite thing about this module: This module is included in the WebWiz@rd Essential Suite.  There is no additional cost for this module!
Some customers that use this module: REM Web Solutions and all of our WebWiz@rd 3.0 customers!
Industries that are well suited for this module: Everyone.  There isn't one business or industry that couldn't benefit from this module.
Associated module group: Essential Suite


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