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Taking the time to craft an interesting landing page that is compelling enough to encourage someone to take action goes a long way towards creating new relationships thereby gaining customers for your business. A sharp, laser focused page will get you more results than a lengthy page full of details that many potential customers will simply ignore.  Below are a few tips to help take your landing pages to the next level.


One Message


Design your landing page so that it contains one message and one message only. This single focus eliminates confusion to the visitor. It makes your point very clear. And it allows for quick decision-making by the potential customer thereby increasing the chances that they will perform the desired action. Whether it be to sign up for email list, view some interesting content, or buying something, honing in on one message leads them down the most direct path towards your desired action.


One Action


Giving your visitor one action to take weeds out noise and distraction. With only one action available to them they're less likely to perform the wrong action, less likely to leave the page, and much more likely to take the action you desire.


Get to The Point


Your website visitors won't stick around for long drawn out content. In fact, most of them are scanners. They rarely spend more than a few seconds glancing over the page to determine if a website is worth their time. They will become impatient with unnecessary or irrelevant information. By getting to the point you establish trust and credibility by showing them that you value their time.


Overall a great landing page is about establishing the trust necessary to create a long-term relationship with a future customer. Taking the time to get it right goes a long way towards gaining more customers than you can handle. For more information on how our inhouse design team can help you with your landing page, call us at 519 884-4111.

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