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Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a tree house.




Every time I see a picture of a tree house I get a knot in my stomach and crave to have a tree house in my yard.  I am most drawn to the 'traditional' tree houses.  Although I do appreciate the intricacy of some of the large, multi-layered, ornate tree houses, I like the simplicity and charm of the modest tree houses the best.


I found these three on line and I just love them!



(I'm not a huge fan of heights so the third tree house is a wee bit too high for my liking.)


My husband and I moved into our home 6 years ago and although our home was 21 years old when we bought it there was only 1 tree planted on our property.  WHAT!?  Yes, sadly, aside from one lonely birch tree at the far end of our front lawn our spacious front lawn and mid-size backyard had no trees.  Within our first year we planted 5 trees and have planted the final 2 trees this past year.


Although they are fast growing maples they are no where close to being large enough for a tree house. 


Perhaps when I am retired I will build myself a tree house.  By the time I am 65 the trees will be large enough and perhaps I'll have some grandchildren to enjoy my little hide away with.


My daughter, who is 8, would also love to have a tree house and has asked multiple times if we can build one.  I suspect that even if there aren't any grandchildren in my life in 30 years, my daughter would gladly be my tree house companion.  The thought of that makes me smile.


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