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How many people can honestly say, "I like where I work" or "I like my job"?  Probably not as many as I hope.


I am extremely fortunate that I genuinly like my job.  There are aspects that I tolerate in order to keep moving, and there are certain days that I can't wait for the day to be over, but those moments and days are very few and far between.


Why do I like my job so much?


I work with a fantastic group of people.  

My co-workers are hard working, responsible and helpful.  These positive attributes make the work flow here at REM accurate and predictable.  Everyone takes ownership of their work and never assumes that someone else is going to complete their tasks or fix their mistakes.  


My co-workers are friendly, kind, funny and respectful.  Some of us are a bit more outgoing, some of us are more reserved and some of us are somewhere in between.  This mix of personalities makes for a very comfortable work environment.


I am able to schedule my own day.

I am incrediably grateful to have the trust of my manager and boss.  I am able to co-ordinate my day/week to my liking and I am accountable for making sure that nothing is missed.  I appreciate that I do not have someone micro managing me or continually second guessing my decisions.  At the same time, I am fortunate that I have a manager and boss that I can approach when I need help or have questions. It is a fantastic balance.


I am proud of what I do.

I have a variety of responsibilities and although there is always room for improvement, I know that I am good at my job.  (Please understand that I am complimenting myself in the most humble way possible.)  I am proud of being part of a team that wants the best for our customers.  I agree with our processes and I stand behind our tools.


I can take holidays without feeling guilty.

I am on holidays next week!  Perhaps my holiday will be the subject of my next blog post.


We have really great customers.

Honestly. We do.


I have been working at REM for 4 years and one month.  Here's hoping that the next 4 years will be just as fulfilling.  (There's no need for hope.  Everything will be A.O.K.)


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