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How to improve your search engine rankings (SEO) using WebWiz@rd and other methods - Part 8

My last blog post talked about how creating fresh and regular content can lead to the biggest improvement in your search engine rankings.  I also suggested that a blog is one of the best ways to accomplish this.  It can be brief, informal and current.


This week, I will expand on the topic of content on your website and suggest that getting a professional to help you is a wise investment.  Getting a professional writer can lead to better search engine results if they understand how to naturally introduce various search keywords into your content.  


They will also understand how to make your thoughts sound great to best market your products and services leading to a higher conversion of visitors (making a visitor a customer).


I usually suggest that a client sits down and tries to write up some initial content and get a professional to have them re-write/edit the content.  Hiring a writing still involves meeting with them to discuss what you want to say so this step may not take you much longer and could save you a fair bit of money instead of having them write from scratch.


If you are interested in getting your website professionally written or edited, please contact us and we can put you in touch with some skilled writers.


My next topic will be discussing "back links".  What is it and how does it work.


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