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Personal values are what matters most to people. Whether they are a vegan or are anti-gun, what people believe can greatly affect the decisions they make. It has been proven that people are more likely to purchase from a brand that aligns with their personal values, and will switch brands if they do not. The question then is, how can you best share your brand values with your customers?


Sharing your brand values is a great way to draw in new customers and keep the old ones around for longer. If people know what you stand for as a company, then it is likely to influence their choices in buying from you. If they agree with you are care about what your company stands for then that can drive up your customer base. However, on the flip side, if they disagree with you then you can lose a big portion of your client base. Everything you advertise matters especially to you customers, so make sure you are sending the right message.


Not only can this bring in more customers and keep the old ones around for longer, but it can also be a great way for your company to display the causes they stand for and make sure the public knows it. Not only will this help draw in customers but it can also help people feel more comfortable. For example, if you support LGBTQ+ communities, then those that are part of the community or allies are going to feel more comfortable when purchasing from you. Here are some of the best ways to share your company values with your customer base and to advertise your support.


Good Customer Interactions

Before you even begin to start thinking about sharing your values to bring in new customers, you need to build good relationships with your existing ones. Without good connections between you and your current customers you can not expect to bring in new ones. Old customers are more likely to refer you to new people if they feel cared for and supported by your company. So, maintaining good relationships with your loyal customer base will help you gain new connections in the future.


First remember to customize your interactions with customers. Every person is not the same and therefore should not be treated as such. An older loyal customer that has been around for years may need more attention or a different approach than a brand-new customer. Making sure your customers feel appreciated and showing them that you care is a crucial part of maintain a good customer base. The more “at home” they feel, the more they are willing to stick around.


Next, listening to customer concerns and complaints can also help create a good relationship. If you do not take time to listen to what your customers think can be improved, then they are less likely to recommend your company. It can be hard sometimes to listen to people say you have done something wrong or that something needs to improved upon. However, it is good to constantly be changing and adapting to better fit your customers needs.


Both of these can not only be beneficial to your customers but also you. It helps make them feel cared for and appreciated. Because of the personal touches you are adding you can get a better sense of what matters to them. By knowing what they care about, you can start to develop an idea of what values your company, and your customers have in common. This is a great way to start advertising those values to your customers.


Customer Values

The most important variable in sharing your company values with your customers, is knowing what your customers value. What do they care about? What do they talk about? What is your target customer base? All these questions can help you determine what your customers value and care about. There are a few keyways to truly figure out what causes are most important to your customers.


Start by listening. This may seem obvious, but it is more than just passively listening while they talk. Truly take time to hear what they are saying when they speak to you. Have they mentioned kids? Or pets? Are they vegan or vegetarian? Did they wish you happy pride in June? Have they mentioned a religion? Any of this can help you to determine what causes they care about and stand for. Maybe they help at an animal shelter every weekend and have mentioned this in the past. This means that they care about animal rights. Maybe your company does as well, all of this can help lead to more sales and greater customer loyalty.


Another great way to figure out what your customers are interested in is to send out a survey. By either sending out an email or posting a survey, you can get a better sense of what your customers are interested in. Include questions about the LGBTQ+ community, animals, the environment, or anything else your company supports or is interested in supporting. This is a great way to show your customers that you care about what they have to say.


Brand Values

After figuring out what your customers care about, you need to look at your company as a whole and figure out what you stand for. Figuring out what your company cares about is crucial to promoting and sharing your company values. There have been countless times where companies have advertised that they are eco friendly or their products are cruelty free and it was later found out that they do not recycle or they test on animals. Making sure you know what your company stands for and sticking to those ideals matters.


Some questions to ask when considering what your company supports are; Do we use eco friendly packaging? If not, can we switch to it? Do we use inclusive language? Do we have any charities we support? Do any members of our team volunteer? If so, where? Is there anything we support that is not already known to the public? How can we show what we care about to our customers?


Go over each of these questions and go even further than that and begin to think about what your company stands for. After that you can begin to share those values with your customers.


Sharing Your Values

After you have complied a list of everything your company cares about and everything your customers care about, you can begin to advertise those values. There are a few ways in which you can do this to best show off to your current and future customers.


First is social media. People are on their phones constantly these days and love to keep up to date with everything going on around them. Creating a company social media page or multiple across platforms and keeping them up to date is a great way to show off what you care about. Making posts during pride month to share your support. Sharing photos or videos of your team volunteering at the local animal shelter on weekends. Or simply reposting ads from companies or causes you support are all great ways to show you care and keep your customers informed.


Next is your website. When people look at what is new with their favourite companies or are doing research on new ones, they often check the website. Making blog posts or banners on your home screen or simply putting an acknowledgement at the bottom of every screen can also be very helpful. It does not necessarily have to be anything big either, it can be as simple as putting a pride flag on your home screen. The main point of posting on your website is to make it known that your whole company cares about these issues rather than just the person that runs your social media. Both your website and your social media are great ways to show off the causes that your company cares about and bring attention to them.


Talk with our team at REM and we can help advise you on ways to add more branding to your website or improve how you target your digital marketing to show your causes.


Remaining Transparent

Now that you have shared your company values you need to continue to remain transparent with your customer base. Keeping an open conversation with your customers about how you do things and what causes you support is part of maintaining a good customer relationship. Whether that be about having to change your eco friendly packaging to a different brand or changing how much you donate to charities because you can no longer sustainably keep it up, is all part of staying open with your customers.


If you hide things from your customers or out right lie to them then you run into the issue of potentially getting exposed and having to deal with a PR nightmare. There have been countless cases of companies lying or hiding things from their customers and people always find out in the end. Keeping an open line of communication with your customers is the best way to ensure your company is safe and customers are loyal.

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