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Often, companies construct websites, put them up on the internet and forget all about them. They may not update them for months, even years. They may not see the need to do this. Maybe their business is running fine without the website being updated. It's only when business starts suffering that they start thinking about what they're doing wrong. However, if you keep updating your website, you can avoid this scenario. Here are five signs that your website needs work:

  1. You have very few visitors: Maybe your website isn't optimized for search engines. Or maybe you don't have any fresh material to add to it. Either way, the end result may be that you don't have any visitors.
  2. Your visitors aren't turning into buyers: Sometimes, you might have a lot of visitors on your website but maybe they just come, take a look at what you're selling and go away. You're not enticing them to buy your product.
  3. You last updated your website six months ago: If you're not constantly updating your website, then you're not going to get new visitors. Even if the update is just in the form of a new blog post, there needs to always be new material on your website.
  4. You're not appealing to a diverse population: If your website only features photos of people belonging to one race, one age group or one sex, that means it's not diverse enough. Also, if your content is only geared towards that particular group, you need to rewrite it.
  5. Your website doesn't speak to visitors/readers: Basically, your job is to convince your visitors/readers that you can add value to their lives. If you're not explaining your product, service or point of view well enough, that means you need to work harder until you've accomplished your aim.

Contact us for more great tips to figure out whether your website needs work.

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