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Web design templates are meant to be quick to set up and easy to maintain.


Unfortunately, that means there's no wiggle room to customize the site to your needs. Every business has unique features and complexities, and so should your website. Before you jump into a store-bought web design template, consider these three downfalls of using design templates.


1. Lack of Customization


Your website should be able to reflect the nuances of your business, making use of every tool and scrapping elements that don't fit your needs. On top of custom functionality, your website should display your custom branding. Colors, logos, photography, and all media elements should showcase your business in a unique way across your site. Cookie-cutter websites don't win business.


2. Poor Scalability


As your business grows, your website will likely need to grow as well. You may need more pages, a larger portfolio, or wider access for customer logins. Whatever your needs down the road, you shouldn't have to stunt your growth now just for a convenient solution. Custom web design means your site will always fit your needs.


3. No SEO Optimization


Many prefabricated web design templates are simply a skeleton. SEO is integral to your online presence and web design templates are not built to accommodate it. Don't give yourself more work than you already have. Investing in custom web design means ranking in the top of your clients' search results.


Want to build a unique and stable online presence? Contact Us for more on creating custom web design solutions for your business.

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