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Support - How to Block Senders or Add Safe Senders to your Junk Filter

Log into Fusemail

You can find your Fusemail login screen by typing the following into the address bar of the browser of your choice:

Your screen should look something like this:

Screenshot of Fusemail Login page

Type your full email address and the password you created, and click Log-in.

If you have never logged in to Fusemail before, you will need to click the Forgot password? button to set your password up.

Allow & Block List

Once logged in, click on the Allow & Block List link on the left side of the screen. The lists are separated into Allow and Blocked.

Type any email address or domain name into the Sender e-mail, domain, or IP address field on the far right side of the screen (towards the top)*

Screenshot of Allow and Block List

Click Add at the bottom of the interface.

* Only add domain names of trusted companies. Try to avoid adding general domain names like,,, etc.