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A Little Blurb About Our Development Method


We start all of our projects by appointing a dedicated leadership team.  Each leader is accountable to a specific facet of a web design project and they strive for excellence in their respective disciplines and teams. 


The sales manager briefs the leadership team on the new incoming project and highlights the unique details that were discovered through his initial conversations. He also provides REM’s energizing and thought provoking Creative Brief to the client which allows them to start providing deep and meaningful information to our creative team.





After the client has completed their Creative Brief, the dedicated graphic designer invites them to have a discussion on the items they’ve mentioned.  This personalized conversation is designed to pull out the nuances of every project and to capture the essence of what makes the project unique. 


They immediately begin to create a design concept based on all of the details gathered to that point.


Then in a matter of days, the graphic designer provides an exciting look at the website concept and solicits early feedback.  This early feedback is unique to our process and is instrumental in honing the perfect website.  This feedback loop is repeated up to 4 more times.  To state it concisely, we allow up to 5 rounds of revisions per project. That’s more than any competitor we’re aware of.


Once a concept is completed and approved, we move the design files into the development queue where all of the powerful WebWiz@rd components are attached by a dedicated developer. 


Every component is tested during implementation by the developer and then double checked by the dedicated account manager.  A final cross reference is performed between the completed product and the initial purchase order.  Once complete, the perfected site is held on a staging server and presented to the customer by the same account manager.


In conjunction with the initial demonstration, the dedicated technical support representative will invite the entire client team in for a free training session.  The session is designed to quickly demonstrate how the new tools work and to empower the client to make their own content changes in the future.


The new site remains on the staging server until the customer is ready to launch.  While on the staging server, the customer is free to modify their content, add new pages, transfer existing data from other sites and generally prepare things for the new splash, all while keeping their existing site up and running.




When given the green light, our support team initiates the launch sequence which involves coordinating multiple technical aspects and is consistently smooth and expertly executed.


Once the site is launched, the support team and account team are always there and will check in from time to time to offer advice, help with problems and optimize the post launch experience.  To say it another way, our team is there for each client for the life of the relationship with REM.  Even after the project is complete.


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