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April 9, 2013


WebWiz@rdry - Ways to maximize the power of your website from REM Web Solutions

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REM Web Solutions is pleased to present the latest issue of WebWiz@rdry, our quarterly online newsletter. The purpose of WebWiz@rdry is to help our subscribers maximize the effectiveness of their web site, thus providing them with expert advice and keeping them current on trends in the web world. 

This is the fourth part of a multi-part article on how to improve your search engine rankings (SEO) using WebWiz@rd and other methods.


Part 5 - How to Set Up Google and Bing Site Maps


My last blog post talked about using descriptive page names when naming your pages.  This effected the title tag (valuable space for search engines) and the URL for the page.  Those end up being very important keywords that the search engines rely on.  Part 5 of "How to improve your search engine rankings (SEO) using WebWiz@rd and other methods" explains how to setup a Google and Bing site map.


An XML sitemap will help search engines understand what pages it should index on your website.  It is a list of links that are provided in a special format.


There are may sitemap generators that you can choose to use but the one I recommend is   Just fill in your website address in the box and click start.  Save the XML file to your computer and the upload it to your website.  If you are using WebWiz@rd you would upload this as a document.  


You then need to sign up for a Google Webmaster Account.  If you already have a Google account you can use that to sign in with or just create a new account.  You can create or sign in at  Once inside you need to add your site and you can then submit your sitemap under the optimization tab.  If you are using WebWiz@rd, the path for the sitemap would be usercontent/documents/sitemap.xml.  It will confirm that the sitemap has been submitted.


Next we can add the same sitemap to Bing Webmaster.  You can create or sign in with a Microsoft account at  Once inside you also need to add your website to your account and click "Configure My Site" and then "Sitemaps".  If you are using WebWiz@rd you can enter (replacing with your website's domain name) otherwise that path will depend on where you uploaded it to your website.  Bing Webmaster should also give you a confirmation that it has been successfully found.  If not, check the path you entered.


Other search engines will automatically look for the same sitemap file to use.  You can update it whenever you want so the search engines will index new pages.


Stay tuned for our next quarterly newsletter where I will start talking about the use of h1 and h2 tags for headers and subheaders to tell search engines what is important about that page.

Thank you for your interest in WebWiz@rdry and REM Web Solutions.
Until next time,
Rob Matlow
REM Web Solutions - Providers of WebWiz@rd Content Management
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eCommerce Suite

We are happy to announce that our eCommerce Suite is out of development and ready to launch shortly!  
We are just putting the finishing touches on the first website and within the next few weeks it should be live.
Some of the features that are included are:
- Adding and managing Categories and Products
- Using Keywords for searches
- Managing Users and Orders
- Product Reviews
- Product Comparison
- Integrated Shipping
- Promo/Coupon Codes
And much much more.
If you would like to find out more about eCommerce you can contact us by phone at 519-884-4111, or email [email protected].

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12 years have gone by so fast.  As we head into our 13th year this summer we would like to offer a 12% discount on all websites and modules for new and existing customers for mentioning this newsletter.  Please contact [email protected] to discuss what works for you.


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Happy Spring!

Even though the weather may not reflect it, Spring is upon us.  With Spring comes time for Spring cleaning. While you're working on that at home or in the office, why not refresh or update your website? REM Web Solutions can help! Contact us with any questions you may have.

WebWiz@rd 3.3

We are continuing to roll out our new version of WW 3.3 to existing WebWiz@rd clients.  If you have not yet been contacted, please be patient as we complete the migration process for each site.


Check out our Blog!

We post new blogs each week. Each post is written by one of the REM team members! Read the posts here.

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REM Web Solutions' WebWiz@rd technology allows small to medium-sized organizations to control their web site content by themselves, without having to pay and consult with a Webmaster. You will also enjoy the benefits of a long-term relationship with experienced web-pros, who are only an email or phone call away when you need help. Contact us today to get WebWiz@rd working for you!

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