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October 31, 2012


WebWiz@rdry - Ways to maximize the power of your website from REM Web Solutions

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REM Web Solutions is pleased to present the latest issue of WebWiz@rdry, our quarterly online newsletter. The purpose of WebWiz@rdry is to help our subscribers maximize the effectiveness of their web site, thus providing them with expert advice and keeping them current on trends in the web world. WebWiz@rdry also includes a client case study, which, we feel, is a great way to introduce some of the fantastic clients that we work with to all of our subscribers.

This is the second part of a multi-part article on how to improve your search engine rankings (SEO) using WebWiz@rd and other methods.


Part 2 - Meta-Tags


My last post was about how to identify what are your main keywords to start the process of making your site more easily found.  Part 2 of "How to improve your search engine rankings (SEO) using WebWiz@rd and other methods" will be talking about using meta-tags and, more specifcally, how to do it in WebWiz@rd.


How to use the meta-tag module in WebWiz@rd:

Now that you have come up with the list of keywords that you want to be found by, insert a list of 20 – 25 top keywords and a 1 – 2 sentence description describing your business into the meta tag module.  You can also use the enhanced, page level meta-tag module to do this for each page within your website.  Be descriptive about each page so the search engines can direct users to the specific page they are interested in.  Contact us if you would like to have it added to your website.
The example below shows what the meta-tag module looks like and how easy it is to update anytime.  The description is what Google will typically use to display in its search results.  Notice how we have inserted our phone number so people are encouraged to call use without even having to click to our website.
Stay tuned for our next quarterly newsletter where I will start talking about Alt Tags and Title Tags.
Thank you for your interest in WebWiz@rdry and REM Web Solutions.
Until next time,
Rob Matlow
REM Web Solutions - Providers of WebWiz@rd Content Management
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New REM Team Member: Laura Renner


Laura Renner is the newest team member at REM Web Solutions. She is responsible for customer invoicing, general office administration, support, and assisting with social media. Laura comes to us with a background in Chemistry and a passion for technology!  


Here are some fun facts about Laura:

Education: BSc in Chemistry at Wilfrid Laurier University. 
Previous Lines of Work: Laboratory technician - though I have recently decided that laboratory work is not what I'd like to do with my life.

Something That Makes Me Smile at Work: When all of my coworkers are getting along and can have lots of fun together!

One of the Things I Find Fascinating: The human mind. It's so interesting how people can think so differently about things.

Web site: Reddit - it's my source for all the world news and things I love!
Books: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
Food: Dill pickles or chips
TV Show: The X-Files
Musical Artists: Electric Six, The Misfits
Time of Day: Evening
Season: Fall - I love the colours and weather!
Places in the World: My home
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Playing video games and new technology in general
App: Reddit is Fun


Food: Peanut butter or celery
Activity: Trying to find something to do when bored
Time of Day: Morning
Season: Winter
Place: Public washrooms - Gross!

Life Motto: Today will be a good day. (It helps to think about that sentence even when you're having a bad morning!)
Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I love to shop and I love all things girly (sparkles, Hello Kitty, etc.) but I am really into heavy metal and all things nerdy (gaming, Star Wars, comics, etc.). Lots of people are surprised when they hear me listening to music after seeing me!


:: News ::


New REM Team Member

We are very happy to announce that on October 22, Laura Renner started at REM Web Solutions!

WebWiz@rd 3.2 

We are continuing to roll out our new version of WW 3.2 to exisitng WebWiz@rd clients.  If you have not yet been contacted, please be patient as we complete the migration process for each site.


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