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What is White Glove Content?

White Glove Content has everything that is included with Standard Content,
with additional special considerations and features.

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Why am I getting REM to do content when I can
do it myself?

Let’s face it: your website shouldn’t be your full-time job, you have other priorities such as your business and your own customers. You have a busy schedule full of appointments and a company that keeps you on your toes.


Save yourself the time and effort for other, more important matters. Trust REM and its design team to create great, visually-stunning and professional content!


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"How to Create Great Informative Content for Your Website"

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Why is content important to your website?

  • It delivers the right message, key ideas and selling points to your customers. It can help your customers understand your company’s mission statement, uniqueness, values, commitments and what you can deliver to them.
  • Clear relevant words written, layed out and styled the right way can get your customers to get in touch with you, sell them into buying your products or booking you for your services.

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  • Content-rich pages help with Search Engine Optimization.
  • Taglines and slogans can convey the company's overall tone and message with short, concise words.
  • Visually appealling content can attract viewers into reading and browsing further.



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Why do I want White Glove Content?

Number 1

It will stand out from the crowd of competitors and other web pages. More often than not, when people see monotonous, bland rows of text they tune out and/or stop reading it altogether. We add various key elements such as text sizes, colours, backgrounds, graphics and other custom elements to give content its much needed visual appeal.

Number 2

Save yourself the hassle of finding imagery.  No need to supply us imagery if you don't have any! Our lead designers will find and/or create contextual stock photos, graphics, backgrounds and/or icons to add into your content.

Number 3

Our lead desginers take the time and effort to make the web page exceptional. There is a clear distinction between a standard copy and paste page to a White Glove custom page crafted with care by a team of professionals. Compare this page to our Standard Content Page, and you will clearly see the difference!



White Glove Content Features

1 round of revisions

Extra Time and Effort

Extra graphics

Custom banners and callouts

1 Round of Revisions.

A round of revisions will allow you to provide one round of feedback and changes.

Professionally Laid Out

A lead designer will take extra time and effort to ensure the layout is aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Extra Visuals

Extras such as icons, graphics and stock photos, will be added based on the site design.

Custom Banners

Call-to-action sections with headings, buttons and backgrounds.


When does content get implemented?

We implement the content for you after the design stage, by this point you’ve already established the look/feel with the designer and have nailed down the fine-tuned Concepts. We ask for your text/image content for your pages while we’re building the concepts into working web pages.


What do I need to supply to you?Sample Word Document

  1. 8.5” x 11" Word Document. This document must have:
    • Indications for links and perhaps instructions
    • Basic styling (such as bolded, italicized text)
    • Well organized, easily understood, broken up to appropriate web pages required for the site.
  2. Photography and graphics if you have any that you'd like to use. As a White Glove feature, we can provide some for you.


See our 'Comparison Table' for a full list of Standard and White Glove content features  Compare Now


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