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Spotlight on Design - BioPure


I'd like to take a moment to point a spotlight on the design and structure of one of our client's websites. BioPure are the creators of various organic waste cleaning agents for use in applications such as aquariums and drainage systems.


REM Web Solutions built their website from a very straight-forward concept that I find very effective.  It's easy to find information on the BioPure website and I always enjoy reading actual testimonials for products that I'm considering trying.  When Bass Pro Shops gives a product the thumbs up, you know it must be top-notch!


However, the use of the BioPure colour palette on their website is what I like the most.  Our design team did a superb job of capturing the BioPure brand and accentuating their colours throughout the header and footer of the website.  The contrast of the flat black background against the BioPure logo really pops and draws your eyes in.


Another plus for a product site such as this is that it is not content heavy, proving that a small amount of information is sometimes the best amount.  Visitors to the site instantly know what they're getting when they read through the available pages.  BioPure didn't need to inundate their visitors with information-overload, instead opting for a few pages of spot-on information.  It works!


Do you have a favourite website developed by REM Web Solutions?  Feel free to let us know in the comments or email us any time.  You'll know a website was designed and developed by us if you see our name in the footer!


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