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How to Configure Your Email Account

If your email is being hosted by REM Web Solutions, you must configure your email account properly in order to send and receive emails. This process needs to be completed in the programs and on the devices that you are using for your email communications.  For example in your Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices.

The steps to set up your email will vary depending on which program or device you are using however the process is very straight forward and only takes a few minutes to complete.



How to Change Your Email Password

It is recommended to occasionally change your password in order to keep your email account secure.  Click on the link for instructions on how to change your password as well as our password requirements.



How to Add Safe Senders

Adding email addresses and domains to your Safe Senders list is a great way to ensure that you will get emails from specific people.  This is particularly helpful if the emails from the specific people contain content that could be flagged by your junk mail filtering.



How to Block Senders and Filter Your Junk Mail

Blocking specific email addresses and domains can prove to be very helpful to reduce the amount of unwanted email that you are receiving.  You can also increase (or decrease) the level of your Junk Email Filter to help manage your spam as well.



Issues With Your Email Program

Occasionally your email may not work as you anticipate it should.  Click on the link for a handful of actions that will help you narrow down your problem and quite possibly fix your problem as well.



How to Fix an Email Account That is “Over Quota”

An over quota message means that there is not enough space left in your mailbox to accept the new messages.  Your mailbox encompasses everything from your Inbox, to your Sent Items, to your Deleted Items, to your Drafts and Junk folders, and all of the individual server folders that you may create to keep your emails organized.

Another important note to understand is that it isn’t necessarily the number of emails that you have in your mailbox but rather the size of the emails, including the attachments.

Use the link to find ways to resolve this problem, or contact our support team and they'll walk you through things.



How to Access Webmail

If your email is being hosted by REM Web Solutions, you will be given access to mailEnable webmail.  Webmail is a great tool to allow you to send and receive emails when you are away from your computer or if you are having difficulty with your email client or handheld email devise.  Click on the link for instructions on how to access your webmail account.







Support / General



How to Access WebWiz@rd

WebWiz@rd is our easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that gives you the freedom and power to control your website’s content. Click on the link for instructions on how to access and log into WebWiz@rd.





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