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Ultimate Frisbee Moves

Here are some different types of Ultimate Frisbee throws:


The Forehand:


The forehand - this throw is the most common and is often referred to as the side-arm, two-finger or the flick. The momentum for this throw comes from the flick of the wrist, similar to the flicking of a wet towel. Hold the Frisbee out to the side with your index and middle finger on the underside of the Frisbee and then swing your arm forward and whip the wrist and release.


The Hammer:


The Hammer is gripped exactly like the Forehand, but the Frisbee is then brought over head and thrusted forward and slightly upward with a flick of the wrist. It is similar to throwing a baseball.


The Scoober:


This is similar to the Hammer but it is thrown from a backhand stance. The release is flatter than the Hammer but the flight path is similar. Used for short distance throwing over a defender (10 -20 yards). While holding the Frisbee with a forehand grip turn the disc over so that it is belly side up and bring it across your body. Lead the throw with your elbow and flick the Frisbee forward.


The Backhand:


This throw is done by curling your arm around the Frisbee and then tuck it into your body then straightening your arm and releasing the Frisbee in the appropriate direction with a flick of the wrist. Remember to step into the throw for maximum power when you release.


The Chicken Wing:


Another backhand throw that is gripped and released the same as the backhand but the Frisbee is always kept on the side of the hip (right or left depending on which hand you are throwing) instead of reaching across the body.


The Overhand:


This throw is like a backwards backhand throw. The Frisbee is held with four fingers on the top of the Frisbee and your thumb is underneath. The Frisbee is brought from behind your back and around to the front with your knuckles facing up. You flick your wrist rotating the Frisbee counter clockwise and propelling it in a forward direction.


The Duck:


Like the Overhand throw this is also held with four fingers on top and the thumb wraps underneath, but the Frisbee is rotated the opposite direction. The Duck is thrown with the Frisbee pointing toward the thrower and is then whipped with the wrist and forearm in the desired direction. Both the Overhand and Duck throws are usually used for a quick catch and release situation.


The High Release:


Another variation of the Backhand, but this throw is released above the shoulder to get around defenders.


The Thumber:


The thumb holds the Frisbee on the inside of the rim and the other four fingers on the top of the Frisbee. The Frisbee is released with an overhand or side arm making sure to flick the wrist through the finish.


The Blade:


The blade is a flat vertical throw used to get over a defender’s head. The Frisbee is held the same as the forehand and projected up and forward holding the Frisbee perpendicular to the ground.

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