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Recently Sean Sanderson, here at REM, was promoted to Senior Graphic Designer.


Along with his day-to-day responsibilities, each Friday Sean now takes part in our weekly production meeting. Although our production meeting has been in place for a number of years, being part of the meeting is new to Sean.


As you can well imagine we discuss the status of projects at the production meeting; what was completed during the week that just passed and what needs to be addressed during the upcoming week.


On Friday Sean took part in his second production meeting and I was so thrilled with the quality of work that he completed, his awareness of outstanding projects and his eagerness to improve our process and to make things run even smoother and with even less potential confusion.


I am not Sean's supervisor, manager or boss.  I am just his co-worker, but in his new role we will be working more closely than we have up to this point.  I am really, really excited to be working along side Sean to ensure that deadlines get met and that clients are happy.


Congratulations Sean on your new position and on a fabulous start!


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