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Performance Polymers Innovations Inc.



Performance Polymers Innovations (PPI) Inc. is a manufacturer of specialized and custom rubber extrusions for many industries, including solutions for railways, shipping, manufacturing, snow removal, construction, and other sectors. With continued growth of sales and an expanding product line using the latest rubber formulations, PPI engaged REM Web Solutions to develop its website as a platform from which PPI could showcase its expertise in manufacturing rail seal for railway grade crossings, maintenance-of-way products, snowplow edges, electrically non-conductive railway products, and other custom rubber extrusions. The increased web traffic on PPI’s website has generated inquiries from new customers throughout North America and the world and has resulted in the development and sale of new products to meet the material and design specifications of both these new, and existing, customers.


No. of Employees: 12

Established: 1996

Location: Cambridge, ON


Visit Performance Polymers Innovations Inc. website



Why did you choose REM?



PPI needed a web design company that could develop a modern website for us with a high impact in both style and content. At the same time, this website had to be easy to update and manage, since most of our time at PPI is spent working with our customers to ensure that our products meet their projects’ specifications, and we work hard to exceed their expectations. REM impressed us with their similar approach in crafting a dynamic website template from our ideas, and their WebWiz@rd software made content management easy. PPI found the right fit with REM: a company that could develop and manage our web presence, but give us control of its content.



What was it like working with REM?



Working with REM has been great. We are all extremely pleased with the result of our website project, and we have received very positive feedback from our customers. REM was flexible and understanding in accommodating our timetable for the development of the website, and they supported us at every single step of the process, from making design changes to the website to transitioning it and our e-mail to a new domain name. When PPI lacked the time or technical knowledge, REM took the initiative to get things done so that we could move to the next step of the project. As we continue to grow, PPI will expand its website and we look forward to continuing our relationship with REM because we know that when we need website support, we can get the right answer, right away, with a just quick e-mail or phone call to REM.


REM impressed us with their similar approach in crafting a dynamic website template from our ideas, and their WebWiz@rd software made content management easy. 


- Martin Lennox, Performance Polymers Innovations



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