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We are Looking for a Business Development Representative

We are exited to be hiring!.  We are looking for someone great to join our team.  If you are interested in becoming a Business Development Representative at REM, please click here to find out more!


Click to see about our newest job posting and how to apply!

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When Problems Happen

At REM, we take disaster recovery and backup very seriously.  We take great pride in the reputation we have built for reliable and safe hosting of our customers' information.


Disasters come in many forms and require different strategies to combat.  REM has implemented various safeguards and procedures to keep all of our assets and all of our customer assets safe.

We keep our production computer equipment in an access controlled data centre that is climate controlled, has redundant power supplies and multiple network feeds to virtually eliminate infrastructure downtime.


We continue the infrastructure safe guards by maintaining duplicate servers for all of our critical components that can be switched on in the event of an individual server failures.


We run nightly backups of databases and files that are stored onsite for up to 14 days and stored offsite in 2 different locations for up to 30 days.


We also take various snapshots throughout the year that become last resort “back to good” checkpoints that we keep offline to protect against threats that are undetectable and rare but can potentially take down entire organizations such as zero day malicious exploits.


We understand the importance of backups, but we understand that recovery trumps the importance of backups.  To that end, we perform multiple fire-drill style recovery exercises that put all hands-on deck to prove that REM’s various backups– do in fact – work in a recovery scenario.  We understand that “anything can happen” but we do our absolute best to make sure those options are limited and mitigated.

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Holiday Sweater Contest Winner

We have a winner!


I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  We had a lot of great feedback on our Holiday Sweater Contest this year and appreciate the time everyone tool to vote.  We had over 150 votes and the clear winner was Todd.  Todd had approximately 50% of the votes.  

Todd's Holiday Sweater


We would like to congratulate Nicole from MTE as the winner of a $50 Vincenzo's gift card.


We are already starting to think what we can do for next year!


Please feel free to share any ideas you have to allow up to showcase our creativity.  Feel free to reach out to me at rob.matlow@remwebsolutions.com



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Happy Holidays 2016 - This year it got UGLY!

Thank you for supporting REM in the past year. 




Help REM decide who had the worst, most hideous, Ugliest Holiday Sweater. 


CLICK HERE (http://www.remwebsolutions.com/Happy-Holidays-2016.htm) TO SEE AND CAST YOUR VOTE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $50 VINCENZO'S GIFT CARD!


Most importantly, we wish you a Fantastic Holiday Season and a Bright & Energetic New Year!

2016 Holiday Card

As a friendly note: We will be closed on December 23, 26, 27 and January 2 to allow our team a chance to spend time with their team.  We look forward to working with you in 2017.




REM Web Solutions


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How we do it? Part 2

This is a continuation from part one that talked about the creative brief process in our designs.  


After our design team, has reviewed the creative brief with our design team the begin the design process.  In a matter of days, the graphic designer provides an exciting look at the website concept and solicits early feedback from our clients.  This early feedback is unique to our process and is instrumental in designing the perfect website.  This feedback loop is repeated up to 4 more times.  To state it concisely, we allow up to 5 rounds of revisions per project. That’s more than any competitor we’re aware of.  We really want to make sure you love it before we build it!


Once a concept is approved by the client, the design files get send to our development team where all of the powerful WebWiz@rd components are attached by a dedicated developer. 


Every part of the project is tested during implementation by the developer and then double checked by your account manager.  A final check is performed between the completed product and the original agreement.  Once complete, the beautiful new website is held on our staging server and presented to our customer.  We call it a tour.


In conjunction with the tour, our technical support team will invite the entire client team in for training.  Training is designed to quickly demonstrate how the new tools work and to make it easy for our clients to make their own content changes in the future.


The new website remains on the staging server until the customer is ready show it to the world.  While on the staging server, the customer is free to modify their content, add new pages, transfer existing content from other sites, all while keeping their existing site up and running.

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Websites are more important now than ever before!

If you have just started a small business you have probably went through the traditional checklist of keys for your success such as, having a great product, a great staff, procuring the necessary licenses, and of course having the financial means to operate the next year. If you are really serious about your business taking off, you might have dug deeper and even took the time out to develop a strategic plan for growth, a marketing plan, and launched your social media accounts.


Out of all those crucial markers, however, one of the most important to have in 2016 is a great website for your business. Local businesses often overlook at a web site because they feel their customers already know them, but this is an extremely short-sighted view. The internet has expanded customer bases from those in cities like Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, to those in cities across the world. The way people look for products is heavily reliant on searching the internet so if you do not have a web presence, you are invisible to thousands of potential customers.


Another outdated belief that people still think of when considering developing a web site is that web design is a timely complicated process. This just simply is not the case anymore thanks to user-friendly web content management system's such as WebWiz@rd, a proprietary CMS designed by us here at REM Web Solutions. Many customers without any web experience in web design have found that managing a website is a simple process that will not occupy as much of their time they thought it would.


REM Web Solutions has made web design simple and actually quite fun once you allow yourself to get creative. If you ever are in Kitchener, you should stop by and meet the team yourself to learn more. 

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How we do it? Part 1

In this post, I wanted to tell you a bit about how our talented designers do what they do.  


We start all of our projects by appointing a dedicated leadership team.  Each leader is accountable to a specific facet of a web design project and they strive for excellence in their respective disciplines and teams. 


The sales manager (that's me) briefs the leadership team on the new incoming project and highlights the unique details that were discovered through his initial conversations. He also provides REM’s energizing and thought provoking Creative Brief to the client which allows them to start providing deep and meaningful information to our creative team.


After the client has completed their Creative Brief, the dedicated graphic designer invites them to have a discussion on the items they’ve mentioned.  This personalized conversation is designed to pull out the nuances of every project and to capture the essence of what makes the project unique. 


They immediately begin to create a design concept based on all of the details gathered to that point.  


Next month I will continue this post to explain what happens once they start the design.  Stay tuned for part 2.

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Six Benefits of a Great Business Website

Are you contemplating setting up a website for your business and wondering if it's worth the time and effort? With the popularity of social media and the general public's use of the internet for everything from researching products and services to reading the latest news, professional-looking websites have become extremely advantageous. Here are six of the biggest benefits a good website can have for your business.


1. Visibility.

One of the main things businesses need to bring in profits is visibility. If customers are aware your business exists, they can visit you. While you may have a lovely brick-and-mortar building and all kinds of local advertising, it can't compare with the far-reaching possibilities of the internet. Consumers are becoming more and more web-savvy and are using the internet to research and plan before they even leave home. Having a website that will show up when a consumer searches for a product or service you provide, gets your name and location in front of them in a very helpful way.


2. Sales

Your website can also potentially drive up your company's sales. Adding eCommerce capabilities to your site means that your customers don't even have to leave their homes to buy what you have to offer. The convenience to your customer is a benefit that they might find helpful and you might find profitable.


3. Email list

When you create a website for your business, you can include an option for customers to sign up for your newsletter. By providing this service; you can offer new product information, coupons or discounts, current promotions, or any other information you would like to get out to your customer base. An email list makes online marketing more effective and can bring in more business.


4. Customer service

A website allows you to handle customer service inquires in a timely and efficient manner. You can place a form on your site allowing customers to contact you electronically, and you can respond to their issues promptly. This eliminates some of the back and forth that can go along with traditional customer services done via phone or regular mail.


5. Expertise

By providing helpful and accurate information about your particular business niche on your website, you can establish yourself as an authority on the subject. You can influence your rankings on search engines by keeping your site up-to-date with information that is relevant to your topic and that customers either want or need to read. Establishing yourself as an expert in a particular area gives customers confidence in you and your products or services. This confidence can lead to increased profits for you.


6. Updates

One of the biggest benefits of having a business website is the ease with which you can update it. If your company changes locations, if you develop or wish to promote new products, or if you have company news to share; your site can be changed quickly and repeatedly. This makes getting new information out to your customers in a timely manner much easier that it is offline.


In the 21st century, technology is changing the way people interact with businesses. A great website can help you take advantage of these changes and can give your business all the benefits a web presence has to offer.


Contact us today for more information on how we can help.

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Customer Profile for July 2016

I want to thank everyone at REM for their hard work on the successful launch of St Jacob's new website.  Everyone on the REM team had a part in this project.  This new website turned out great.  The design is fun and easy to navigate.  There is an a new business directory that was built to help visitors find what they are looking for between the market and the village, quickly and easily.  The site was also updated to make it completely mobile friendly. 

We enjoyed working the team at Mercedes Corp and appreciate their hard work on the project to make sure it was a successful launch.


Take a few minutes and visit the new website or better yet take a drive a check out all the fun things to do in St Jacobs this summer.

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Web Design Project Management at REM

REM is going into its 16th year of business.  Over that time we have built over 2000 individual projects for over 1600 customers.  We have a sophisticated project management procedure in place that is used by our entire team.  We use custom project management software that we wrote in-house and use for every project.  It makes sure nothing slips through the cracks by ensuring someone is responsible for every task within a project.  It streamlines our communications, allows customer feedback and maintains transparency between what our team is doing and where your project stands.


Everyone at REM is responsible for moving your website along their respective disciplines.  Jillian, our dedicated project manager holds meetings every week for company-wide status updates to make sure everything stays on track.  We put an incredible amount of effort in making sure that every project runs as smooth as possible.


If you are interested in finding out more about our process and want to talk about a potential website design project, please contact us.

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