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If you are looking at having some fun on a weekend or an evening, and want to see some good local sport entertainment at a reasonable cost for a family of 4, then you will need to take in a KW Titans basketball game. The new pro basketball team in KW has invaded The Aud.   The team plays a great up tempo game and there is no shortage of action on and off the court.  During the game, there are the typical freebees with basketball stress balls and t-shirts being thrown into the crowd between quarters, and the dance team providing entertainment throughout the game. As an added bonus, after each home game the players will come back up in the concourse area at The Aud to have an autograph session and mingle with the fans.  So, if you are a basketball fan or just a general sports enthousiast and want to see some professional basketball and don’t want to make the dreaded drive up the 401 at 3 times the cost, then support our local team in the only professional basketball league in Canada and I will bet you that your first game won’t be your last!





Matt Stern at 3:00 PM
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As I start my new job at REM Web Solutions this New Year, it brings all the feelings one can have.  I felt overwhelmed with nervousness and excitement.  However, after 10 years at my previous job, the biggest feeling I have is enthusiasm.  I'm eager to learn new skills, rise to new challenges and meet and work with a new team. As well as the added bonus of being much closer to home. 


The first few days of learning were certainly a challenge.  At first, I was wondering, "what did I get myself into".  Once I started to use the tools of the job more, I started to get the hang of things and got really excited about what I'm doing.  This job will challenge me in new ways and like the old saying goes, "maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks".  


Matt Stern at 11:15 AM
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At Work


Role at REM:

Project Manager  



Business, Marketing from the University of Central Florida.


Previous Lines of Work:

Administrative Assistant/Membership Services Representative, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce 


Something That Makes Me Smile at Work:

Accomplish all of my to do each day



Web site:

Sportsnet, Score, most news sites- i like to try to stay up on what's happening. 



Steak, Seafood, most anything


TV Show:

Law and Order series. The Black List, Chicago PD and Fire


Musical Artists:

Garth Brooks, Adele,  AC/DC


Time of Day:

I like anytime of the day 





Places in the World:

Israel, England, Germany, Italy, and Bermuda



Baseball, Golf





Least Favourite







Time of Day:

There isn't really any part of the day that I don't like 








More Info


Best Thing Someone Said to You:

" I love you"



Life Motto:

Work hard to accomplish your goals



My Hero:

I don't have just one - but two - my parents as they gave me my work ethic 



One of the Things I Find Fascinating:

Was on my first trip to Ottawa and seeing how open and easy it was to walk around Parilament Hill. 



Most People Don’t Know This About Me:

Ok don't laugh but I watch Gilmore Girls with my wife and 12 year daughter. 


Matt Stern at 2:35 PM
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