WebWiz@rd 2.X Product Support Ending - December 31, 2015


After a long and successful journey, WebWiz@rd 2.X will be retired from existence at the end of 2015.  The technological advancements that have come to pass in the world wide web have finally surpassed the capabilities of version 2.x and as such all efforts and resources will be funnelled into our latest software version 4.x.


We will contact you with migration options before the end of 2015.


Version 4.0 Released!


Contact Us To Upgrade


Our new version of WebWiz@rd has been released.  

This is two product versions newer than your current system and is better in every way.

  1. More control, flexibility and consistency surrounding your site content through our greatly enhanced modules such as the content manager, file manager, image editor, meta tag and photo gallery manager to name a few.

  2. More ways to generate traffic to your site by using our enhanced SEO tools and techniques.

  3. More avenues to expand on the things your site can offer your clients by giving you a stronger framework complete with new module options and better widgets.

  4. More ways to customize your experience within WebWiz@rd for you and your fellow site administrators by using our tools to control individual module permissions icon locations.

If you are interested in finding out more about when we can move your website and what is involved in the migration, please contact sales@remwebsolutions.com.


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