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NFTs: What are they?

Have you heard about the hype on NFT’s? Well to be honest, I surely missed the memo on this new form of blockchain-based trading. Did what I just say make any sense? Probably not. I’m still doing my best to figure this one out and it seems like I’m not the only one on the struggle bus. So let me try to decipher what I learned.

Marketing 101 – Integrated Marketing

I know it seems like our Marketing 101 series is never-ending, however that’s because building out your Marketing strategy and implementing it is a never-ending process. It requires constant updating and refreshing; however, if you have built a clear and concise plan, you need not worry because now all you need to do is continue to push what you’ve built and share it with the world!

Are your goals SMART?

At a very young age I was taught the benefits of creating goals for myself and didn’t really understand the importance until I was much older. I remember always thinking to myself, what do I want out of life? Where do I want to be in 20 years? What do I want to be when I grow up? Great questions to ask of course, however the real kicker came in when I started asking myself…How do I get there?