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Junior Web Developer

REM Web Solutions - Kitchener, ON


REM is looking for a junior web developer that is ready to prove their skills in all aspects of web development.  

You must have an understanding of all aspects of web design and development to apply for this position, but your ability to generate great HTML, CSS and Javascript from layered photoshop files is crucial.

This is a junior position with a pay range of $30 000 to $40 000 per year.

What We're Looking For

  • A strong passion for web design and development that is evident in your examples of web projects.

  • A desire to take approved web designs that have been created in Photoshop and Fireworks and carve them into working HTML & CSS files using tools like Dreamweaver. 

  • A genuine willingness to learn our process, our tools and our philosophy and to focus on problem solving within those boundaries.

  • A willingness to champion and enforce standardized coding techniques, asset organization, file structures and general consistency in our ever growing porfolio.

  • An understanding that responsibility for ensuring consistency and quality standards rest primarily with you.  

  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite with emphasis on Photoshop, Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

  • An understanding of HTML5 and CSS 3, naming conventions for variables and functions, file naming conventions, standardized coding techniques and a solid idea of the principles of constructing a web page using those elements efficiently.

  • An ability to talk confidently to team members, managers and customers.

  • An ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.

  • A post-secondary education in a related design discipline with a genuine interest in HTML coding as well as site assembly
    A post-secondary education in any web development discipline with a genuine interest and competency in web design philosophies.

Bonus Points:

  • Impressive secondary skills are highly valued for this position.  

  • Tell us if you are an accomplished:

    • Copywriter

    • SEO  Expert

    • AODA Expert

    • Social Media Expert

    • Layout Artist

    • Mobile Developer

    • CMS Developer


  • Accept site designs from senior designers and begin carving those files into working HTML & CSS templates.

  • Implement page content on behalf of the customer using our content management system.

  • Source, crop, resize, optimize, colour correct and implement appropriate stock assets into designs.

  • Source, refine and implement third party widgets into working HTML templates.

  • Deploy fully working websites onto staging and live servers.

  • Build and deploy mobile versions of existing client websites.

  • Review and correct code, file names and file structures to maintain company standards across all projects.

  • Learn and master various compliance related code updates, such as AODA and SEO updates.

  • Learn and master our existing content management system to better inform your design capabilities.

  • Learn and master our existing project flow, and project management tools to keep your projects on track.

  • Perform other web design and web development tasks as assigned from time to time.

Why Choose REM?

  • You will stand out and get recognized for your many accomplishments.

  • You will build fantastic products and learn from an established and successful team.

  • You will join a team of motivated and dedicated professionals that move mountains.

  • You will get a real opportunity to make your mark in this community and have fun doing it.

  • You will have fun here!

The 6 7 Guiding Principles of REM

  1. Customer Success Comes First
    A successful customer simultaneously demonstrates our worth in the market and our strength over our competitors.

  2. Take Ownership
    REM leaders own solutions.  We demonstrate our solutions by owning the problem first. 

  3. Think More
    There is always another option.  Always.  Find it.

  4. Improve Everything
    Good enough is only good enough for now.  We improve on everything we know and do every chance we can.

  5. Congratulate the Victory
    Amplify our momentum with positive recognition.

  6. Persevere
    In the face of debate, challenge and confusion, we push forward.  We make it through.

  7. Customer Success Comes First
    A successful customer simultaneously demonstrates our worth in the market and our strength over our competitors.


  • $30k to $40k depending on experience, skill and accomplishments.

  • Medical, Vision and Dental Benefits.

  • Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

  • Multiple performance based awards such as paid trips to Las Vegas!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an in office job in Kitchener.

Please apply by sending your resume, cover letter and links to your existing web design/development work to [email protected].  Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 12, 2015
Start Date: June/July 2015