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Tips for Starting a Small Business

If you do a simple search “How to start a small business” there’s no doubt that you’ll land yourself on pages upon pages of results. As you start scrolling through some of the articles, you’ll notice there are core tips that you see on every article. “Know your product”, “build a plan”, “know your legal rights”, “come up with a great name”, “implement digital marketing strategies” etc.

Tips for eCommerce Small Business Owners

There is no doubt that with the pandemic businesses have made a shift towards providing products and services online. Whether your company has built a hybrid model, or you’re operating solely online, read this blog post for a few tips provided by Big Commerce to help you start and stay afloat.

Marketing XYZ’s

As we’ve discussed in previous marketing blogs, having a detailed buyer persona is incredibly important when building out your marketing plan. One of the characteristics that you should be identifying is what generation does your customer fall into. The differences in buying habits of each generation are crucial in understanding your potential customer. It allows you to tailor your marketing and business plan increasing adoption rates.