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My relative/friend/associate can build me a site for next to nothing (maybe even for free). Why should I use a professional company like REM Web Solutions?

As a business owner, you deal with all kinds of professionals to help you succeed. Would you trust your print marketing to a student or someone who does a little marketing on the side? Would you build an addition to your office with a contractor who worked part time?

Professional web development companies specialize in designing websites and launching them on the Internet. A good web development company will ensure that your website design is fresh and innovative, and sends the professional image that your company or association wants to convey. Ultimately, a good web development company has the depth of knowledge and Internet expertise to ensure that your website not only looks great, but also enjoys maximum search engine "hits".

My website hasn't been updated in years. It looks unprofessional and it is difficult to navigate. Can REM Web Solutions help me with this?

Absolutely! We have plenty of experience "touching up" old websites. And don't forget, if you choose WebWiz@rd, you'll never have to worry about your website being out-of-date again!

I already have my website hosted with another company. Do I need to switch to REM?

If you choose to enable your website with WebWiz@rd, we strongly encourage that you do so. WebWiz@rd is built using Macromedia ColdFusion, and your hosting provider must support this technology in order for WebWiz@rd to function properly. REM offers a state of the art hosting plan at a highly competitive price, and we are confident that the numerous technical advantages and our superior customer service puts our hosting package in a class of it's own.

I have a graphic designer that I am very happy with and I would like them to design my website. Will REM work with my designer?

Definitely! We love to work with graphic designers and they love to work with us! WebWiz@rd allows designers to leave the technical details to REM, and focus on their design work alone.

Website companies are a dime a dozen. Why should I choose REM Web Solutions?

As an REM customer, you can count on:
  • A long term personal relationship with experienced web pros who enjoy and focus on dealing with small and medium sized businesses.
  • Access to WebWiz@rd, our proprietary content management solution available only to our clients.
  • Ongoing product development and updates to suit our client's needs.
  • A website for your business that will impress your customers.

Why should I invest in a website?

Consider the following:

How much do you spend on Yellow Pages advertising each year?
What about print communications?
How about the staff time that is spent on marketing materials?

A website is a valuable investment that complements your current marketing, sales, recruiting, and communications tools. You can (and should) expect a 12-month return on your website investment through cost savings alone. And don't forget, with WebWiz@rd, you can update your website content by yourself so there is never the need to pay a webmaster to keep your website current.

The Internet is now the place people turn to when looking for information on specific products or services in order to make a purchase decision. If your company or association isn't on-line or if your present website is not professional looking or isn't easily found by the major search engines, you are going to lose sales. A professional website has a strong value proposition to any organization. It will help you reach and retain customers.


My customers are never online. Why do I need a website?

Demographics are changing. There is an entire generation of consumers whose first instinct is to visit the Internet to make a purchasing decision. At the very least, a website is like a virtual business card that provides detailed information about your business. If your competition is online (and it's only a matter of time if they aren't there already) and you do not have a website, you WILL lose sales.




  • The REM team has redefined my understanding of customer service. WebWiz@rd is an amazing product, but it is not the main reason why REM Web Solutions is as successful as they are. Quality service is what makes REM stand out.

    Carinta Mannarelli, Global Currency Services
  • OnTrace chose REM Web Solutions as the winner of an RFP to rebuild our corporate web site. A good web site development company needs three competencies, Web Site Design, Web Site Programming, and Back-end systems Programming. REM has all three. Their portfolio is top notch. We had a specific, complicated programming challenge and REM was more than up for the task. The site was completed on time, on budget, and the support staff does a great job of handling any changes we need. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    OnTrace Agri-food Traceability
  • Our dealings with REM Web Solutions have been smooth, uncomplicated, simplified and yet dealt with in a professional and sophisticated manner. The initial design recommendations provided by REM were identical to our vision. The training I personally received on the Web Wizard program has made it easy for me to implement changes and manage our website on a day-to-day basis. The additional back-end user support and turnaround times have been incredible. I would recommend REM to anyone seeking to change providers or considering the implementation of a Website.

    Don Andrews, IRONWealth Financial Ltd.
  • REM Web Solutions was essential in helping us create and manage our websites. They did all the ground work so we were able to easily upload our images and information using the Online Catalogue System they developed for us. They worked with us throughout the creation process to modify and develop this system to meet our requirements. REM was able to take our problems and concerns and create a solution that worked for us. I loved the fact that I could call with a concern about how the website was operating (for example, our "Request a Catalogue" section) and they were able to work with us to develop a solution (like creating radio buttons that allow the customer to choose to download the catalogue, or have one mailed to them). Creating a website (or 9!) can be very stressful and frustrating. REM Web Solutions is aware of that and do what they can to help alleviate those stresses and frustrations making it an enjoyable, exciting experience.

    Jessica McDaid, RTS Companies Inc.
  • Working with the team at REM Web Solutions to design and develop our website was a very positive experience all around. Being someone who had no prior knowledge of website building, their team was able to guide me through all the bumps in the road. I appreciated their highly professional approach from start to finish. I not only have an outstanding finished product, but receive ongoing educational and technical support from the entire team. Job well done. I highly recommend their services.

    Brygete Jauch, Holistic Nutrition
  • High Performance Solutions engaged REM Web Solutions on a complex web development project, a project critical to the development of HPS, when other web development companies failed to execute on delivering our requirements.
    Faced with a critical project and very tight time frames, REM provided open and honest feedback on when and what they could deliver on the project scope. Their level of professionalism was very strong and their understanding of our vision of the project very clear.
    Once we engaged REM in the project they delivered on all expected deadlines and achieved all the deliverables of the project. The results were above our expectations and the feedback from our customers on the initiative have been very strong.
    REM provided us with the help we needed, when we needed it, and has been critical partner in the successful launch of

    Scott Smith, High Performance Solutions Inc.
  • As graphic designers and printers working together under one roof, GET Printing is obsessed with great visual communication - be it online, or on paper. REM "gets it", and that makes us a great fit.
    We required a web site that could really sell who we are without sacrificing any functionality. Being innovators who get the job done, we really wanted our web site to sell this idea. Our design department knew what they wanted the site to communicate visually, and our printing department knew the nuts and bolts of the work that our site would need to be able to do for our print clients.
    REM stepped up to the plate and delivered the attractive look we envisioned coupled with the practical functions necessary for our printing clientele.
    REM gave us great initial training, and whenever we’ve needed help while making updates to our site their support has been timely and top-notch. REM won’t just get you started and leave you stranded. We really feel they’ve got our backs covered. We enjoy working with them and would highly recommend their services to you.

    Trevor Martin, GET Printing Ltd.
  • REM goes out of their way to develop a web site that looks not only professional, but also is very user friendly. It is nice to be able to control my web site myself. The staff at REM go out of their way to finding a solution to your problems and are always very patient in answering your questions. They have truly helped to simplify the overwhelming task of developing a web site. When you don't know where to start, make the first step by calling REM. Thanks guys!

    Dr. Deborah Heaman, Hands On Health Care
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